For some e-cigarettes are a fantastic alternative to traditional tobacco and a great step on the way to quitting smoking. For others the electronic cigarette is just another of harming the human organism. Electronic cigarette users are mostly pleased with this fairly new invention. Of course some miss the old smell, taste and feeling of the traditional cigarette, but on the whole the reception of the e-cigarette is pretty decent.

So what are electronic cigarettes? They are an alternative to traditional smokes. Instead of burning tobacco, the e-cigarette, using advanced technology, heats up the e-liquid (you could say e-liquid is the e-cigarette’s tobacco) to a high temperature and the electronic cigarette user inhales it. The e-liquid nicotine, which is the most addictive substance in the traditional cig. Of course some people will argue that nicotine always can be as harmful for us as a lot of the substances produced in the process of burning tobacco. So far no studies have proved that theory, though. And I guess that even if they do, it’s still better to be an electronic cigarette user and consume just one toxic substance than to inhale thousands of them with tobacco smoke.

bottle with ecigA lot of traditional smokers are really devoted to one brand of cigarettes or a particular shape or taste of them. After switching to e-cigarettes they will still be able to choose something that will satisfy their needs. Electronic cigarettes come in different sizes, all shapes and colours. E-liquid is available in a whole variety of tastes. The amount of nicotine in the e-liquid will vary. For example if an electronic cigarette user has just made the switch to the e-cigarette he or she can choose a stronger type of e-liquid so that the adjustment to the new way of smoking will be easier for them. After a certain amount of time, they might want to lower the amount of nicotine they inhale while smoking their electronic cigarette and they will certainly be able to do that. When it comes to sizes and colours of all e-cigarettes, the situation is similar. An e-cigarette Australia user used to smoking slim menthol cigarettes will still be able to do so with electronic cigarettes. Of course all e-cigarettes will never look and feel exactly like traditional ones, but it is certainly something new e-cig Australia users will be able to get used to.  The e-cigarette even has a little led lamp at its tip to simulate real burning.

I think that one of the best things about e-liquid and the e-cigarette is the fact that the smoke is odourless, meaning that an electronic cigarette user is able to smoke anywhere he or she likes. You can smoke basically anywhere – the public library? Sure, why not. A bus? Absolutely. But surely not an airplane? Why not? This comes in very handy especially in the winter. Ever since smoking has been banned in pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs, tobacco smokers have not had an easy life. The e-cigarette makes smoking possible in every situation. I think no one is a big fan of standing outside in the cold with his or her fingers freezing off. This is also very convenient at work. Nowadays everyone has tons of things to do and the 10-minute cigarette break doesn’t really help to finish the job on time. As an electronic cigarette user you can smoke right from your desk and no one will mind. Hopefully not even your boss.

What is also really great about e-cigarettes is the fact that they are much cheaper than tobacco. The amount smokers have to pay for traditional cigarettes is pretty terrifying. Tobacco consumes a huge portion of the smoker’s house budget. The e-cigarette itself is a one-time payment; afterwards you will only have to pay to refuel it with e-liquid. It is not really expensive though and it last for a longer time than a pack of ordinary cigs.

If you are still not convinced than just think about all the health problems you have surely been having as a smoker. Chest pains, heart problems, trouble breathing or heavy coughing to name just a few. An electronic cigarette Australia user doesn’t have those problems. A Lot of e-cigarette users have taken up some kind of sport after switching to electronic cigarettes. Others simply enjoy life a little bit more.