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best e-liquid flavours wholesale

E-liquid is the basic content that makes up electronic cigarette cartridges, tanks or clearomizers. It’s also the most important feature that distinguishes e-cigs from the traditional tobacco cigarettes. There are vital tips you need to know about them, especially when you’re just starting out with electronic cigarettes (see below).

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Here are some tips for e-smokers:


E-liquids are not ordinary water or any other solvent. Hence, they require proper storage.  The basic recommendation is to store them in a dry or cool place. You should never expose ejuice to sunlight.


Expiring date

E-liquids usually expire after 2 years aside from the actual date the manufacturer give. We, as e-liquid wholesale, make all them fresh. So the expire date should be counted since the shipping day.  It’s also important you keep them out of the reach of pets and children since it can harm them.


Choosing best e-liquid flavours

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