An e-liquid tends to be most enjoyable when the user finds a flavour that they absolutely like with a nicotine level that is just right. There is an array of flavours and options to choose from but it may take some time for the user to find the perfect fit. It takes some searching and experimenting in order to know what the best e-liquid is.

Australian LawE-liquid provides such a range of options that the user may choose according to lifestyle or simply a mood. An electronic cigarette smoker has the luxury of enjoying a combination of flavours and can choose a nicotine level according to the particular mood that they are in. There are varying strengths of nicotine which are best suited for the smoker ranging from a high level of nicotine to 0% nicotine. A heavier smoker will go for a higher concentration of nicotine in their e-liquid whereas a lighter smoker will go for a lower concentration.

If a user wishes to buy an e-liquid in Australia, they can import both the e-cig and the e-liquid under the Personal Importation Scheme. It is however illegal to buy e-liquid containing nicotine in the country itself. In order to receive e-liquid in Australia, the smoker will have to order it from an overseas company and have it sent to them. The user is allowed to have a three month supply of e-liquid at once and fifteen months supply of the product in a twelve month period.

Many users will order their e-liquids from our company based in Europe. Upon ordering the product, it will take them approximately 6-10 business days to have it delivered to them. There are quite a number of companies that provide e-liquid that contain nicotine and bases which are pharmaceutical grade to Australians. It is recommended that the smoker choose an e-liquid vendor that tests their product regularly to ensure quality. By purchasing e-liquids from us you can be confident of the quality!

Though it is not illegal to purchase e-liquids for e-cigs in Australia, a user however needs to understand the procedure that needs to be followed in order from an international company. The first rule of getting the e-liquid in Australia is ensuring that a supply is not ordered or received that exceeds the regulated three month limit for personal use. If you want to be 100% sure about the legislation, please contact your State Government.

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Another recommendation is that at all times the cost be kept under $1000 AUD. They will then be able to checkout their order and will need to wait a couple business days at least in order for the shipment to reach to their doorstep. Once the user knows what e-liquid they need, it is much easier to order.