The solution lies in one word, education. Every vaper should be a spokesperson responsible for educating the public about what e-cigs really are and how they are a better option than tobacco cigarettes.

Every opportunity to educate the public about the financial, environmental and health benefits of electronic cigarettes should be taken.

It is only when the people out there fully understand e-cigarettes that they will change their attitude and begin to look at vapers and e-cigs differently.

With more education will come greater liberty for you the users of these devices so that there will be fewer and fewer needless restrictions imposed just because those imposing them are basing on incorrect information and mere suspicions that have no foundation in fact.

When presented with something new, people generally start out very hostile and gradually become tolerant and finally accept that thing. This is the same process that electronic cigarettes have to go through.

Those that use electronic cigarettes have the duty to help quicken the learning curve so that it takes a shorter time for full acceptance based on a true understanding to be achieved. Only then will vapers enjoy the full benefit of smokeless cigarettes.