When the harmful effects of cigarettes became public, people started turning away from it. However, the challenge lies in quitting tobacco. Becoming dependent upon tobacco, smokers often find themselves unable to quit smoking. Of course, tobacco is the hardest part. This is why companies have been coming up with replacement for decades to help people give up smoking. Nicotine gum, nicotine patches and now electronic cigarettes have been introduced as replacement for tobacco cigarettes. Limiting our attention to e-cigarettes, our focal point will be whether these can help quit smoking.

quit smoking cigarettesElectronic cigarettes mimic real cigarettes in appearance. In fact, they tend to emit artificial smoke which is free from tobacco. The intention is to give the user a false impression that he or she is smoking a cigarette. Basically, users smoke nicotine vapor which is free of any carcinogens that are found in tobacco. Through electronic cigarettes, the smoker is free from the effects of harmful chemicals from entering the bloodstream. Obviously, the user also creates a safe environment for others around him or her through a pollution-free environment.

When the user smokes an electronic cigarette, an LED light comes up in orange, imitating a tobacco cigarette. Liquid nicotine changes into vapor giving the user a hit of nicotine within seconds rather than minutes. The cigarette aids in quitting smoking because the smoker is used to of inhaling from a cylindrical object. The nicotine hit is another great advantage because a user wants a rush right away rather than having to wait for it. The electronic cigarette comes in a variety of strengths such as full, half and minimal. The purpose is to get the smoker used to e-cigs so that he could eventually quit it.

One other reason why electronic cigarette is a great alternative to tobacco smoking is from a financial perspective. Consuming an electronic cigarette is quite costly. Therefore, when a user who really wants to quit smoking finds e-cig a burden on the pocket, he or she will eventually quit smoking altogether. It is necessary to know that quitting is a gradual process. The smoker does not merely go a physical but psychological change. Thus, electronic cigarette allows the gradual change to happen.

Electronic cigarettes are quickly replacing other forms of cigarettes. They have become popular in clubs and bars. This is a good thing. As more and more people comprehend the benefits of e-cigs, there will be less consumption of tobacco smoke. Surely, you know by now that e-cigs can certainly help quit smoking. A smoker has to be persistent. Unlike nicotine patches and gums, an e-cig ‘looks’ like a real cigarette which has a psychological effect on the individual. It is not the physical but the psychological effect of the drug that is hard to overcome. Therefore, an electronic cigarette plays its part well. A user has to be intrinsically motivated to give up smoking. Putting your life at risk is not good. You get to live life once. Live it well by making healthy choices. Quit smoking. Switch to e-cigarettes.