The Common Electronic Cigarette and E-Juice Myths

There are myths about everything, and electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are no exception. Many of these myths result from misinformation going viral, which can be disastrous because some people aim to discourage the use of electronic cigarettes without showing any substantive reasons. The good news is that rumours are easy to dispel. Aim to get as much useful information as possible so that you can differentiate fact from fiction and truth from propaganda. Most of the myths about e-cigarettes revolve around the legality and appropriateness of the products and their implications for human health. Hopefully, this information will clear the air in regard to the facts about e-cigarettes.

Many believe that non nicotine e-juices will soon be illegal. This is a myth, at best. There are instances where certain authorities have tried to ban e-cigarettes, but the chances of such bans ever being successful become slimmer as the products gain more popularity with mainstream users. Some people also believe that these products are harmful because their contents are not known. Again, this is a myth; all legitimate e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers disclose the ingredients of the e-liquids they use. A little research on all of these ingredients should give you a very clear picture of what you are inhaling.

Some people believe teenagers and children can have access to electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. The real position is that these products are classified in the same category as tobacco and would require that the purchaser be of legal age to access them. 

There is some belief among a section of the public that electronic cigarettes can explode in your mouth. Electronic cigarettes and e-juices are made to conform to very high standards of safety, and as such, are very safe to use. If you pay proper attention to the instructions on the specified power sources and do not tinker with the liquid, then there can never be a problem. Ensure you follow the manufacturer's information, and you will be safe.

Some people also believe that the trendy packaging is meant to lure non-conventional smokers like minors. This is again wrong; the attractive package is meant to appeal to everyone. A little research will show you that indeed, the vast majority of electronic cigarettes and e-juice users are elderly people who love the product for the diversity of flavours they can choose from.

Because it is a new product, myths surrounding electronic cigarettes and e-juices can never be limited. Most of these are just a result of misinformation. Safe use can only result from having the right information and ensuring you buy trusted and reputable brands.