How Hollywood celebrities are helping to endorse e-cigarettes

Sales of e-cigarette have sharply risen as more and more people make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes. It has now become a common sight to see people enjoying smoking their e-cigarettes in public places and increasingly on our television screens, in movies and on advertisements.


E-cigarettes were first introduced into the US market in 2007, where they were promoted as giving smokers the freedom to smoke whenever and wherever they wanted to and without the health risks of tobacco or tar. They are also presented as being much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Smokers everywhere began switching from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes and many celebrities were also happy to use them in public places.

How Hollywood celebrities are helping sales to grow

The popularity of e-cigarettes has continued to grow and today lots of high profile celebrities have been seen out in public using their e-cigarettes. Away from the camera, celebrities including Simon Cowell, Katherine Heigl, Courtney Love, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattison, and Kate Moss have all been seen with e-cigarettes in their hands. E-cigarettes are also starting to appear on our television screens, such as in the film "The Tourist" where Johnny Depp is seen e-smoking. As well as this, some e-cigarette companies have used celebrities including Courtney Love and Jenny McCarthy in advertisements to promote their products. Many celebrities appear to be proud to show off their e-cigarettes, and this has helped to portray these products in a positive light which has encouraged sales to rapidly grow.

How the celebrities could help e-cigarettes to gain FDA legislation

The fact that lots of Hollywood celebrities are endorsing e-cigarettes is positive news for the industry. Celebrities using e-cigarettes will help increase sales, especially amongst young people who view these people as their role models and want to copy what they do. The good news is that the popularity of e-cigarettes amongst celebrities should lead those in power to produce legislation more quickly; this is because celebrities are on the perfect platform to express their feelings which often leads to prompt action by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to regulate the manufacturing, marketing and sales of e-cigarettes. This positive action should eventually result in the best and safest e-cigarettes being made available to the public.

The numbers

This growing popularity of e-cigarettes is reflected in the sharp increase in sales. Many retail experts believe that the e-cigarettes are here to stay and are now much more than just a trend. This year sales of e-cigarettes were over $1 billion with more than 2.5 million users; these numbers show the huge popularity of these products.

E-cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity and are fast becoming a huge multimillion dollar industry. High profile celebrities have helped this rapid sales increase by using these products in the public eye. This will hopefully help the FDA to approve these products to make them widely accepted by the general public.