Flavours differ from natural ones?

Gone are the days when you only had two or three flavour options to choose from as you ordered e-liquid for your e-cig. Today, there are literary hundreds of flavours that you can sample and the battle now is between those that makers refer to as natural and those that are referred to as nature identical e-juices.

What are these e-juice flavour types, and, are there any significant differences between them? Read on to get more information on this fascinating subject.


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What Are Natural E-Liquid Flavours?

For any electronic liquid flavour to be said to be natural, it must be directly extracted from the plant, animal or whatever it is that they say it comes from. Take apple flavour for instance; in order for it to be natural, the e-juice maker has to take some actual apples and extract from them the active ingredients that give them their distinctive flavour so that these extracts are used to give the e-liquid an authentic natural apple flavour.

As you can imagine, the extraction of these natural flavours can be a very costly process in terms of the time taken, the quantity of apples or whatever the flavour is got from as well as the scientific know-how needed to carry out the extraction process. Companies that build a reputation for making natural flavoured e-liquid will foot these high costs, but at the end of the day the final consumer reimburses them whatever they spent in this elaborate process.

What Are Nature Identical E-Liquid Flavours?

For this version, all that is needed is the chemical composition of the natural flavour that the manufacturer wishes to mimic. Once this formula is obtained, all that the chemist does is to mix this and that substance in the laboratory under specified conditions and a replica flavour will be got, and mixed in the electronic juice of your e-cig.

This e-juice flavour is identical to the naturally occurring one because they both have the same chemical composition and the taste is the same. That is what earns it the “nature identical” tag.

Do They Differ In Anyway?

As we have already stated, both have the same chemical composition, taste, smell and so on. All that has changed is the source of the essence; in one case, the plant itself (like strawberry) is used to provide the ingredients for the flavour while in the other scenario the chemical formula of the natural flavour is used to reproduce the flavour in a lab. Same thing, different sources!

To the end user, there is really no discernible difference between these two flavor types. All that matters is the professionalism that goes into making the e-liquid; if high standards are adhered to, nothing will affect your vaping experience. As a matter of fact, the scientific production in the lab drastically cuts down the production costs that would have made the products priced at a level that many people would find prohibitive. The next time you see “natural” or “nature identical” on your e-liquid bottle, you now know what that means!