Light-Free Environment

Research has been conducted by specialists, and it has been proven that high light intensity is not friendly to e-juices. This is because a lot of light is believed to degrade the quality of e-liquids and reduce their lifespan. For this reason, manufacturers recommend that you store e-juices for electronic cigarettes in a place that has low light. Refrigerators and cabinets will work best as storage places with low light intensity. That way, you will have ensured that the quality of your e-juice is retained.

Cool Temperature

Low temperature is very essential in storing e-juices for electronic cigarettes. This is because high temperature adversely affects some of the processes that take place in the e-liquids. Specialists have proven that high temperature is a major contributor in slowing down the process of oxidation that takes place in e-juices. The oxidation process is very important in retaining the best taste and quality of e-juices.

In this regard, it is best to ensure that your e-juices are stored away from high temperatures. The best place to store e-liquids is in refrigerators and low cabinets. Remember to ensure that your refrigerator is set at a low temperature.

Keep All Components of E-Cigarettes Separately

In case you decide to buy different components of e-liquids at the same time, be sure not to mix them. You should not mix the flavours and the base unless you intend to use them at that particular time. Always avoid mixing them during storage. Mixing different ingredients of e-liquids can go a long way in degrading their quality.