What gives e-cigs their flavour?

A starter pack also contains several e-liquid cartridges, which is what contains the mix of flavouring, distilled water, varying levels of nicotine, and propylene glycol. These are the basics of all brands of electronic cigarettes and what gives users their choice of assorted flavours, assorted levels of nicotine or in some brands there is zero levels of nicotine. Some brands of e-cigarettes substitute vegetable glycerin instead of the propylene glycol.

The e-liquid mix, if it has nicotine, usually have low, medium, high, extra high or no nicotine. These are usually about six to eight milligrams of nicotine for low, ten to fourteen milligrams for medium, sixteen to eighteen milligrams for high or twenty-four to thirty-six milligrams for the extra high versions. Different brand of the electronic cigarettes have different levels, it all depends on what the smoker desires to have when they buy electronic cigarettes.

The actual flavour varies too depending on the brand when you buy electronic cigarettes, and can be found in menthol, tobacco, various fruit flavours, or even odd flavours like cola or coffee. Once again, it depends on the brand and the desires of the electronic cigarette Australia smoker.

These flavour cartridges can save money for the user when they buy electronic cigarettes because they usually can be refilled over and over again and are good for around three to six months of usage.

How does the e-cig activate?

When it comes to getting an electronic cigarette to work, it is a very simple process. It is similar to the way regular tobacco products work as in the electronic cigarette Australia smoker just puffs on the e-cigarette and this in turn makes the e-liquid heat up and vaporize the mixture into a sort of fake fog that looks like the grey smoke in tobacco products.

Four kinds of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes usually come in four different styles: pen, cigar, mini or pipe. What kind the electronic cigarette Australia user prefers is most likely a personal matter since all of them still work about the same way and give the same sort of taste or feel to the smoker.

The pen kind of electronic cigarette is the most like a regular tobacco and all of these are long, skinny, and could be coloured like a regular cigarette or not. The mini kind of electronic cigarette is almost like the pen kind, but it is smaller and may come in a lot more colours than the pen style.

Then there is the cigar style of e-cigarette, which is made to be brown or otherwise look like a cigar tobacco product. These come in several sizes since regular cigars also come in several different sizes. And lastly is the pipe style of e-cig, which of course looks like some sort of pipe like shape.