E-Cigarettes: The Smoking Implement of the Future

These days everyone is seemingly into all things electronic, including smokers, and the Internet age has spawned a brand new electronic gadget called the electronic cigarette. This new and trendy smoking device was originally invented back in the 1960s by a Chinese pharmacist, but it didn’t get popular or put out on the market until about 2003, and it reached the US and other countries a few years later on.

Since then it has caught on in several countries all over the world. The electronic smokers in these places are anxious to get all of the possible data that they can find on the electronic cigarette. Here are some of the facts about this electronic gadget:

What is this electronic smoking device?

Just what is an electronic cigarette smoking device? Why are they such as popular item? The electronic cigarette is called by many other names, such as vapour cigarette, e-cig, e-cigarette, pen cigarette, etc. It sometimes looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette or cigar or even a pipe, but can be made into other assorted shapes and sizes. Still, most of the time it is some type of long tube like shape about the same size as regular cigarettes, and can be coloured to look like one as well or even appear in designer bright hues like pink, red or green.

These electronic products are all battery powered and can be conveniently recharged over and over again, thus they save the electronic cigarette Australia user a lot of cash over other kinds of tobacco products. Users can get rechargers that work in the car, via USB port or that plug into the wall. They usually put one kind or another of these rechargers into an electronic cigarette starter pack.