What Makes People Want to Try Electronic Cigarettes?

There are several reasons that millions of folks are taking a look at wanting to try electronic cigarettes. These reasons range from the research that says that the products are cheaper as well as they are eco-friendly that they come in hundreds of different flavours and you can get nicotine and non-nicotine versions.

Many people buy electronic cigarettes so they can smoke them as a way to relax and settle their minds after a trying and busy day. Since electronic cigarettes are often allowed in places that traditional ones aren’t like a bar or a restaurant, this is easier for electronic cigarette fans to do than ever before. While it is frustrating for former smokers of traditional cigarettes to have to wait until they get home in these situations, with the new smoking gadget called and e-cig or e-cigarette, they can happily take it out of their pocket and take a few puffs without offending the people around them.

That’s because the electronic cigarette doesn’t make smoke, tar or ashes because it doesn’t need a lighter or matches and runs instead of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Plus, it merely has an orange or other coloured LED light at its end to glow off and on when the electronic cigarette Australia customer puffs on it and no butts or debris from ashes are produced. It only makes a vapour that may look like smoke, but is not smoke, and is a type of fake fog made when the e-liquid in all brands of electronic cigarettes heats up and vaporizes.

What gives electronic cigarettes their taste?

The e-liquid, also called e-juice, is made of distilled water, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, nicotine in the nicotine kinds and then some sort of added flavouring that may be natural flavouring or artificial flavouring. One reason they are popular is due to the hundreds of flavours available. Almost any flavour you can imagine is being produced for electronic cigarette Australia fans from traditional tobacco or menthol to exotic creations of pineapple, root beer, coffee, popcorn, mint, fruit, and tons more. Just do a search online and you will see list after list of the available flavours of e-juice.

Some electronic cigarette Australia fans may be choosing to buy electronic cigarettes because they seem to be a healthier choice. One way this is true is because they don’t have any of the 4,000 toxic cancer causing chemicals that studies have shown to be in tobacco products. Plus, they don’t make the second hand smoke, so they are healthier for the people around the smoker of an electronic cigarette. That’s why several countries are doing studies on these electronic cigarettes, so they can determine how they fit into these concerns.

E-cigarettes come in so many designs and colours

If you like to be first in fashion trends, some electronic cigarette smokers choose to buy electronic cigarettes because they can get them in multiple colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. They come in mini and regular sizes that look like tobacco cigarettes, in all different cigar sizes to mimic those, and pipe ones in lots of colours too.

Many electronic cigarette smokers probably try to match them up with the colour of their clothing or even do something like use red, white and blue ones for patriotic holidays like the 4th of July in the US, or something similar. Companies love to design fancy and cool different kinds of electronic cigarettes to make their customers happy and content!

All in all, there must be tons of reasons why electronic cigarette Australia fans are choosing to buy electronic cigarettes, as well as why other people all around the globe are also flocking to try these innovative gadgets.