Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit With Nicotine

Electronic cigarettes, popularly called e-cigarettes are inhalers that are battery operated and contains nicotine or non-nicotine e-liquid. A lithium battery is being used, and a cartridge also known as a cartomizer which is refillable.  There is a LED light that illuminates every time it is puffed on. It really looks like an ordinary cigarette. The cartridge is being packed with an e-liquid, the best one you can get from eliquidmate.com

If you happen to see somwhere smoke machines that are present on rock and good band concerts, e-cigarettes works this way. Vape is the term used when puffing this device, every time one vapes, an element for heating triggers the e-liquid to boil resulting in vapour production. No matter how much pressure you put in puffing, still the same quantity of vapour is created until the particular battery or e-liquid drains out.

Brief History

The device was originally discovered and created by a Chinese pharmacist named  Hon Lik. He used to consume three packs of cigarettes a day. Lik thought of a better alternative that can’t be as dangerous as a real cigarette. It has been said that a cigarette can only be harmful because of the chemicals that are toxic when you burn it. That is why the concept of the e-cig is just perfect. No smoke, no burns and no harmful chemicals inhaled and puffed to second-hand smokers.

In 2007, the device was introduced in the US market, and is becoming popular in countries like Australia. The device is harmless as it can be and it can provide you that particular fix you always want. You can get a distinct and unique flavour in each e-cig. It comes in watermelon, and also pink bubble gum. Different colours are available for a user to choose from. It’s more fun and fulfilling than the usual cigarettes. It is even reusable and is therefore economical.

Research showed that there are almost 5 million of the world’s population that uses e-cigarettes as of this year. E-cigarette had captured its target market and is slowly replacing the real cigarettes according to the Tobacco Vapour Electronic Cigarette Association. Manufacturers guarantee that they provide the best e-cigarettes in the market so that consumers can have the highest quality and standards they need. The device stays for a long period of years after consumers had bought one, without fear that it can wear out easily.