Replacing your cigarette with an Australian Electronic Cigarette 

For any Australian cigarette smokers, the addictions started with a single or two sticks per day taken during social gatherings. However, with each day, the number of sticks increased significantly, thus making one a habitual smoker. Millions of people all over the world have found themselves in such a situation. The good news is that one can actually do something to prevent this practice, through the use of electronic cigarette.  a women is showing one e-cigarettePeople who smoke the traditional cigarette have increased risks of various diseases. The smokers take a huge quantity of smoke which contains harmful chemicals. The common diseases include cancers of the throat and lung. As such, many people want to quit this smoking behaviour to stay free from diseases. One of the bets replacements was the e-cigarette that combines the electronic vapour to give the same feeling of the ordinary cigarette but at reduced risks. These cigarettes are by far healthier. 

Electronic cigarette comes at a very low cost as compared to the traditional sticks. First, the tax on e-cigarettes in many countries does not apply thus making it the moist affordable form of smoking worldwide. In fact, an increase in the price of the ordinary cigarettes will not affect the initial prices. These cigarettes are cheaper because all one needs to do is to replace the cartridge. Smokers avoid the costs of matches, lighters and lighter fluid.  People who use the e-cigarettes find it safe to use and then store. With the e-cig, you do not need lighters when you fill like smoking. The device can be placed inside your pocket immediately after consuming. First, you do not require the ash tray as there is no burning. These cigarettes have no flames but use the red light turning of your puffs. With this technology, there is no chance for ecigs starting any fire that might lead to devastating results.  In most cases, may smokers produce more smoke that affects the non-smokers.

For the electronic cigarette, the only thing produced is vapour that vanishes fast. This leaves no odour and other substances that present dangers. Passive smoking is very impossible using the e cig, thus allow you to smoke in social places that will later affect your friends and families. You also avoid the clouds of conventional smoke that ruins other people occasions.  To the smoker, this is the best and healthier alternative. These cigarettes use e-liquid nicotine that give that feeling you have always wanted. Enjoy the flavoured cartridges of your own favourite flavour. With this composition, the effects brought about by such are minimal and less dangerous. With the cig, you do not have to worry about the effects such as brown teeth and fingers. 

The e-cigarettes come in different flavours bought according to preferences. This comes in flavours like chocolates, strawberry or coffee. These flavours leave a sweet taste in your mouth after smoking. Your breath will also feel good that you will not have problems interacting with non-smokers. With a single cartridge loaded with e-liquid smoke - found at you get almost 60 puffs to satisfy your smoking habit.