A couple of years ago I went on holiday to the UK. As a smoker I was terribly disappointed to find that in England smoking had been banned in pubs, bars and restaurants. I noticed people used substitutes though. I looked into the matter and found out that the little devices they had been using were e-cigarettes that run on e-liquid.

What are electronic cigarettes? They are very similar to what we smokers are used to. E-cigarettes have almost the same shape as the usual smokes. They are a little larger and heavier, but it is not something that will bother an electronic cigarette Australia user too much. It didn’t bother me anyway. E-cigarettes turned out to be a real lifesaver. Especially in rainy Britain. It wouldn’t be nice to have to stand outside in the rain just to have a quick smoke. Instead I could stay in the pub of my choice with my new best friend - the electronic cigarette.

The e-cigarette is not only great, because it can be smoked indoors. It also does not do any harm to our bodies. The e-liquid is not toxic (and it is odourless). Electronic cigarettes purchased online probably will not affect our lungs and heart. An e-cigarette user will be able to smoke and keep his health. Isn’t that great? Before I had discovered e-cigarettes I could hardly do any running or any other sports. Now that I am an electronic cigarette user I go to the gym and play volleyball twice a week. And there hasn’t been a single time that I couldn’t keep up with my non-smoking teammates. Before electronic cigarettes that would have been impossible.

two white e-cigarettesI spent two weeks in England and during that time I haven’t even touched a traditional tobacco cigarette. I loved being an Australian e-cigarette user so much. For me e-cigarettes were just as tasty as the ones I used to smoke before. I know that not ever e-cigarette user will find it so easy to get used to the new way smoking, but for me electronic cigarettes were just the thing. I think that I like the taste of e-cigarettes even more than the tobacco ones. There are many flavours of e-liquid, which gives the e-cigarette user a wide spectrum of choice. He can choose classic flavour, menthol or even fruity. I like the menthol one, because that’s the kind I used to smoke before.

What’s also cool is that the e-cigarette comes in different shapes and sizes. In my opinion the black electronic cigarette looks the best, but I guess the white one is just as good. Basically every e-cigarette looks really classy and it is also handier than a whole pack of cigs. Some electronic cigarettes even have special straps, so that the e-cigarette Australia user can hang it around his neck. A neat little touch I would say.

Now that I am back from my holiday I really don’t plan on switching back to tobacco smoking. I enjoy my electronic cigarette far too much. In fact the change has got me thinking a lot about my health and money and generally about being independent. I am seriously considering quitting smoking for good. The electronic cigarette purchased online should make it much easier. I have tried different methods of quitting before, but none of them worked. This one looks really promising though.

Now that I am an electronic cigarette Australia user, everyone is happier. My family is really pleased. They were very worried about me before I started smoking e-cigarettes. My heart was not doing so well and my lungs were not coping with all the toxic tobacco smoke. Now I feel much better. I can spend a lot of time with my kids, playing outdoors. They seem to love it and so do I. My wife likes the way I smell now. It’s no longer tobacco, but nice perfume. My clothes have a pleasant smell as well. I no longer have bad breath and my teeth are starting to look white again.

Even my boss is pleased with the fact that I am an e-cigarette user. Electronic cigarettes mean that I don’t pause work in order to go out for a smoke. I get the job done quicker and more effective, because thanks to electronic cigarettes, I can fully concentrate now.

So you see, one little trip to England changed my whole life. The decision which I made - was a great and I can say now that I have never regretted it. I really don’t see any down points to the whole story. Oh, I forgot to mention, the e-liquid is really cheap. That makes my wallet very happy.