I remember seeing the e-ciggy. The first time was a couple of years ago. My good friend, who is always up to date with new technologies, bought the best e-cig with quality e-liquid online and showed it to me. I have been a smoker for many years and have been thinking of quitting. His story was quite similar to mine. He became an e-cigarette user and wanted to convince me to do the same. I was not sure whether electronic cigarettes were right for me. I was thinking about trying out nicotine patches or chewing gum first. And I did, but none of them worked. I remembered the eciggies and bought one myself. Did it work? Read on.

We have to remember that e-cigarettes will not do the whole job for us. Electronic cigarettes are only here to help us, make quitting easier for. No electronic cigarette user will reach their goals without strong will and commitment. E-liquid in our e-cig (bought online) will not be enough without the mentioned things.

Now that we have that sorted, we should probably get to know the electronic cigarette a little better. What is it? The e-cigarette looks a lot like its traditional equivalent. We inhale e-liquid smoke at one end and a little led light lights up at its other end as we do so. Instead of tobacco the e-cigarette uses e-liquid, which I have mentioned before. The e-liquid is a harmless and odourless substance. It contains nicotine. The electronic cigarette user can choose the amount of nicotine he likes best in e-liquid. As time passes, the e-cigarette user will most likely lower the amount of nicotine he inhales, as his need for it won’t be so great.

The best thing about e-cigarettes is that, unlike tobacco ones, they do not make any changes to our body organs. We all know that traditional cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases, electronic cigarettes luckily don’t. They are safe both for the e-cigarette user and for people around. The smoke produced by e-cigarettes is also odourless, which means it is safe to smoke the electronic cigarette in basically every public place you can possibly imagine and that includes buses, trains, planes, libraries, cinemas and shopping centres. An electronic cigarette user does not have to face problems like standing outside a pub in the cold just to have a smoke. An e-cigarette user doesn’t have to stop working to go out for a cigarette, he can just e-smoke right at his desk. It is so much more convenient.

two e-cigs with atomizer and filterGetting back to my mentioned experiences with electronic cigarettes in Australia, the first week was quite difficult. The e-cigarette has a different taste than tobacco. Also it does not give you that special feeling in your throat and chest that the traditional cigarette does. I think electronic cigarettes are milder. I suppose that some people might actually like that, but I found it quite difficult to adjust at first. The second week was much better. I started to appreciate the new taste of my e-cigarette and I think I prefer it to the tobacco one now. I really like the fact that with the electronic cigarette you actually do smoke something. This is what I really missed when I was trying out nicotine patches and other similar products. I didn’t have anything between my fingers, I didn’t inhale anything, and I didn’t put anything between my lips. My organism got the nicotine it wanted, but it was just not the same. E-cigarettes satisfy both those desires. That’s really something I love about them.

Also I find the fact that electronic cigarettes come in different shapes, sizes and colours really nice. As an e-cigarette user I can choose the one that suits me best. Because I used to smoke thick cigarettes, I bought a larger electronic cigarette. You can also choose the strength and taste of e-liquid. I used to smoke strong cigarettes, so I bought e-liquid with a higher dose of nicotine (which I lowered later in order to eventually quit). I have to say that I really liked the fruit flavoured e-liquids, although I never smoked flavoured tobacco cigarettes. That was a fun change.

Did the e-cigarette therapy work? Actually it did. I haven't been smoking for 3 months. I got my health back. I feel really free and happy. I no longer cough in the morning, I started exercising and I enjoy fresh air a whole lot. Becoming an electronic cigarette user was one of the best decisions I have made in years. I would recommend e-cigarettes to anyone who wishes to quit smoking.