Are you a smoker? Do you have enough spending money on cigarettes? Is your health getting worse? If you have answered those questions with a “Yes!” then here is another question – have you heard of electronic cigarettes? E-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to traditional ones. Instead of tobacco, they are fuelled with e-liquid. E-juice is a substance containing nicotine. It’s odourless and does not contain other toxins. Becoming an e-cigarette user will help you eventually quit smoking for good and it will definitely make the whole process much easier and less painful. An electronic cigarette user has a higher chance of succeeding when trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

If you have tried kicking the habit before then it is highly likely that you used pills, chewing gum or nicotine patches. If none of these worked for you, it does not mean that the e-cigarette won’t. What most smokers miss after quitting is the activity of smoking. The electronic cigarette let’s the E-liquid Australian user do that. It perfectly imitates the traditional way of smoking. That’s probably the best thing about the e-cigarette, the fact that is so similar to what the smoker is used to. The e-liquid smoke (or rather mist) even tastes a little like its tobacco equivalent. The difference is the fact that the e-cigarette user will not have heart or lung problems, no bad cough or sore throat.

The electronic cigarette user will have no trouble playing team sports with friends, running or exercising in any other way.  The e-cigarette doesn’t hurt the lungs, heart or any other part of the electronic cigarette user’s body. The e-cigarette will also not affect the people around the e-smoker. The clothes belonging to an e-cigarette Australia user will not smell of tobacco, as the e-liquid is odourless. E-cigarettes mean that the e-smoker will be a more socially acceptable person than the tobacco smoker. Fresh breath and clothes smelling of perfume will surely attract more friends than the horrible smell of cigarette smoke.

Ever since new anti-smoking laws have passed, tobacco smokers are not allowed to smoke in bars, pubs or restaurants (basically any public places whatsoever). This will not be a problem for anyone who smokes e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette is safe for others. An electronic cigarette user will not be a danger to anyone. E-cigarettes will not bother anyone around the electronic cigarette user. This means that the e-smoker will be able to smoke anywhere he or she likes – a bus, a train, even an airplane, the cinema or the library.

Disapproval of electronic cigarettesOf course what we have to remember is the fact that the electronic cigarette does contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. But we should look at it this way – an electronic cigarette user only inhales one bad substance, a tobacco smoker inhales thousands of them. Surely the e-cigarette is better. The electronic cigarette was designed to help smokers quit tobacco. It isn’t the final step to quitting. A smoker should not stop with electronic cigarettes. He or she should go further and step by step lower the amount of nicotine they use as electronic cigarette users. E-cigarettes are just tools that smokers use along their difficult path to kicking the habit of tobacco smoking. Studies have proved that the electronic cigarette is quite a handy tool indeed.

May be you want to hear some practical information about e-cigs in Australia. An electronic cigarette user can choose the colour, shape and size of his e-cigarette. They come in white, brown, black and more. The electronic cigarette can be long or short, thick or slim, big or small. It depends on the e-cigarette user’s desire and their past habits. If the electronic cigarette user used to smoke slim cigarettes then he or she will probably want a smaller e-cigarette. The same goes for types of e-liquid. The e-cigarette user can choose the taste and power of e-liquid as they come in different flavours - from the traditional menthol to even fruity. Also some types of e-liquids available at our shop contain various amounts of nicotine. The bigger amount of nicotine the stronger the e-cigarette. As the e-cigarette user progresses in the process of quitting he will want to lower the amount of nicotine in his e-liquid.

This article doesn’t mention even half of the great aspects of being an electronic cigarette user. I hope that you will discover them yourselves. Believe me, it sure is worth giving e-smoking a go. I was really sceptic at first, but then I tried the e-cigarette. I have never regretted making that decision. Shop with us at