I am a happy cigarette smoker. I have been for many years now. People are always telling me to quit or at least change to e-cigarettes. But I do not understand why I would possibly want to do that. The second type of people (the electronic cigarette people) is the most annoying one. What is the reason to change from one addictive type of cigarette to another just as addictive? The e-liquid, which is supposed to be some kind of an alternative to tobacco, is filled with nicotine – a highly addictive substance. So what is better about being an electronic cigarette user?

two ecigarettes with atomizerIf you're expecting some awnsers that question for you, you are going to be disappointed. I can tell you what e-cigarette users are missing though. And they are missing a whole lot. The traditional tobacco cigarette has much more to offer than the new e-cigarette. For example: does the e-cigarette user wake up every morning with a sore throat, a bad morning cough and quite a pleasurable pain in the chest? Well, e-cigarette user, do you? E-cigarettes probably don’t contain even half of the great, tasty toxic substances that the traditional smoke does. The e-liquid cannot even be compared to the amazing life-giving power of tobacco.

What’s surely great about the traditional cigarette is the fact that you no longer have to do any sports. No one will pick you for their team if they see that you turn red after a couple of minutes of running and that your heart is beating madly after a few push ups. That’s the final goodbye for sports. You will be able to chill out all day long. No exercise, thank goodness. An e-cigarette user with his fancy healthy lungs, and well-beating heart will surely have to play football, basketball, and volleyball, maybe even ice hockey. What is good about that? The electronic cigarette will not damage any of the e-cigarette user’s organs. Yeah, I know, how lame is that? The e-liquid Australia user will be healthier and probably fiter even fun to be around with. Does life get any more boring than that?

E-cigs Australia users will have a serious problem with eating breakfast. Over the years tobacco smokers have worked out a perfect system – coffee and cigarettes (not e-cigarettes). This saves time and money. All you need to start your week could be a quick smoke and a sip of black coffee. The electronic cigarette will never be enough here. You need a strong solid portion of toxins and deadly fumes. That will keep you going for at least a couple of hours, and then you simply have to “refuel” (not with e-liquid of course). Believe it or not, it works. And your heart is sure to love it. Electronic cigarette user, you must be feeling quite sad by now.

E-cigarettes are also useless in social situations. Traditional smokers meet to smoke, they borrow each other’s lighters, they probably talk about their current health and its condition and so on. It’s even better in the winter when smokers come out of the pub for a quick cigarette. Everyone has to cuddle together to keep warm. E-cigarette users just smoke inside, in the warm and cosy bar. What’s fun about that? It’s incredible how much electronic cigarette users are actually missing. You can find more about it at eliquidmate.com

Tobacco smokers are usually really rich.  I mean the amount of money they spend each month on cigarettes is impressive. When I see a tobacco smoker I usually think “wow, he must be a horribly rich man”. Now look the guys who smoke e-cigarettes. Come on, the electronic cigarette is only a one time expense. The e-liquid costs pennies. They must be really poor or really greedy. Must be one of the two. There is no other explanation. I choose to be the rich tobacco smoker guy, not the poor e-cig Australia user. 

If I still haven’t convinced you to stay with true cigarettes then this is my final attempt. Tobacco users smell of cigarettes, this gives them a lot more privacy than e-cigarette smokers. No one will want to sit next to them, hug them, or worse, kiss them. This is a great thing. An electronic cigarette user will surely have problems like people sitting next to him on the bus or standing too close while talking to him. Surely by now you must have made the right choice.