Single vs. Dual: Which Coil Configuration Is Better For Your E-Cig Experience?

The number of options that you can enjoy when buying an e-cig is massive these days. They are highly customisable as well. Colour is certainly one of them but there are other customisation options that can greatly affect your experience with vaping. One of these options is about the coil.

These days, there is either dual coil or single coil configurations to choose from. All e-cig configurations tend to contain at least a single coil. A coil is the heating element that is present inside the atomizer or the cartomizer. There can be quite a few differences between an atomizer, a clearomizer and a cartomizer. Be that as it may, there will always be either one of the two configurations.

Coil Configurations and Vaping Experience

Each coil configuration comes with its own set of pros and cons. However, there is no relation between the configuration of the coil and the perfect vaping experience. Vaping experience is all about the individual habits of the user and personal preference.

However, there are differences in the way an e-cig will act based on the configuration present. Here are the advantages and the disadvantages of each setup.

The Single Coil Configuration

e cigaretteHere, each ends of the coil will be connected to terminals. One end will be connected to the positive terminal while the other is attached to the terminal that carries the negative charge. When the electricity is sent to the coil by the battery in the e-cig, the e-juice is heated so that it vaporises. In a single coil configuration, the heating and vaporisation of the e-liquid is carried out by a single coil. Just to let you know that if you are looking for e-juice Australia flavours, you can get them at our online shop.

The Advantages

  • This configuration typically consumes up to 30% less power from the battery as compared to dual coil setups.
  • The consumption of the e-liquid is also reduced in this case. This is because only a single coil is in contact with the substance.
  • Due to the simplicity of the design, it is easier to rebuild an e-cig with a single coil.

The Disadvantages

  • Single coil setups produce vapour with lesser density.
  • These e-cigs take more time to get heated up completely. However, the time difference is rarely noticeable.

The Dual Coil Configuration

These setups work in a similar fashion to single coil configurations. However, the difference is that there are two coils in contact with the e-liquid. The wattage will be evenly distributed among the two coils. This allows the e-cig to operate using twice the power. Theoretically, it doubles up the vapour production as well.

The Advantages

  • The vapour produced will be warmer and stronger. The volume will be higher as well. This is due to the increased surface area in contact between the e-juice and the coils.
  • As there are two coils for heating up the liquid, it is possible for a dual coil configuration to take less time to produce the same volume of vapor compared to a single coil configuration.

The Disadvantages

  • This configuration drains the battery power quicker.
  • The e-juice is consumed faster as more is vaporized.
  • It is harder to rebuild an e-cig with dual coil configuration.


Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference. There is no reason for you not to try both and determine your choice.