Why Knowing Where Your Weed Comes From is Important

Why Knowing Where Your Weed Comes From is Important

Traditionally, buying cannabis products had a bit of mystery to it. You got referred to a shady dealer, met him somewhere private, and forked over cash for a little bag of green buds that could have come from anywhere.

Now, that’s all changed, and it’s for the better. With the legalization of cannabis in most places, you can find out exactly what your bud is, where it came from, and how it was grown. There are some benefits to this.

Let’s go over it.

1: Regulations Force Transparency

If you purchase weed off the street, you have no idea where it came from. Your dealer may have a hydroponics lab in his basement, or he might be dealing with big-time drug dealers who let him take a cut for distributing their product. Either way, they can slap whatever silly name they want on it, and you have to trust that it is what they tell you it is. Sometimes you get high-quality stuff, and sometimes you get trash.

Purchasing weed legally doesn’t have any of those problems. A dispensary clerk can educate you about the various strains of cannabis, the types of feelings you will experience, and yes, exactly where the cannabis came from and how it was grown. This transparency puts you in control of your purchasing decisions; not some shady guy who doesn’t know what he was given, or if he grew it himself, any of the specific scientific details of the plant.

2: The Ability to Avoid Chemicals

Some dispensaries do source their products from growers that use pesticides and other inorganic substances. For a lot of people, that can be a problem. However, simply asking your dispensary’s budtender how their product is grown can put all your worries to rest.

Dispensaries know where their weed comes from, who’s growing it, and every farming practice used. They’re obligated to be transparent about those growing methods. If you don’t like what the budtender tells you, there are so many dispensaries available now that you can easily go somewhere else and get the organic, high-quality product you crave.

With a street dealer, you have no idea how your weed is grown, and they can tell you anything. They can say the weed is purely organic and the latest strain of brain-melting cannabis out there; just for you to get home, light up, and find out it sucks and tastes of whatever random pesticide they sprayed on it.

3: Finding What You Like is Easier

We’ve beaten a dead horse talking about the untrustworthiness of street dealers, but here’s another reason you need to use a dispensary and know where your weed comes from. Let’s say you find some Purple Alaskan that you like. You don’t want anything else. Well, with a street dealer, or even between two different dispensaries, “Purple Alaskan” is just a silly name. The actual product can be vastly different based on the main source.

When you ask a budtender where they get their cannabis, you know that you like the product from that specific source, and you know only to buy your preferred strain from that source.