What to expect when you switch from smoking to vaping

Switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes is a big adjustment, one that may take a bit of willpower and commitment at the beginning – change can be hard after all! For those that persevere however, the rewards can be great. Many people find that once they have shifted their habits, they prefer vaping to smoking.

What to expect when you switch from smoking to vaping

E-liquid users often find that vaping is a smoother, more enjoyable experience but the transition can be difficult for ex-smokers. This is because traditional cigarettes create more than just a physical dependency on nicotine, but also an emotional and mental one. The physical act of bringing a cigarette to the lips, inhaling and exhaling often becomes a part of a person’s daily routine. People from E-liquid Mate often smoke when they are having a drink or a meal, or during a break at work, so the behaviour becomes links to certain actions or times of the day, which can trigger strong cravings.

E-cig’s can mimic many of the same behaviours, making them a handy alternative to cigarettes for many people. That said there are a few things any new e-cig user can expect when switching from traditional cigarettes, read our list below.

Changes to the body

Cigarettes have a number of different effects on the body, and kicking the habit will undoubtedly lead to ex-smokers noticing a few changes in their body. Whilst e-cigs can deliver nicotine, their method of action is different and vapour works differently on the body then smoke. Most vapers feel their bodies make positive improvements on e-cigs, although the sudden switch might lead to some less pleasant effects at first. Some ex-smokers find that they develop a cough at first, whilst their bodies try to get rid of all the nasty substances in the lungs that come from cigarettes.

More disposable income

One of the biggest things you’re likely to notice is that you’ve got more disposable income at the end of the day. Cigarettes have gotten very expensive in recent years, thanks to tough new taxes and whilst the start-up cost of vaping can feel costly at first when you first purchase your new e-cig, the costs quickly drop for replacement cartridges and parts.

Better taste experience

One of the biggest changes between traditional smoking and e-cigarettes is that you’ll be introduced to a whole new flavour world. Tobacco flavours are comparatively limited, and a lot less fun. E-liquids come in almost every flavour imaginable, from fruity, to dessert, savoury flavours, sweet, sour and everything in between! The imaginative, creative choices suddenly available are often the most exciting part for many e-cig users, who suddenly find that they have more options available to them then they know what to do with!

A little more maintenance

Smoking is a pretty low maintenance habit, most people by their tobacco pre-rolled and don’t have any tools to upkeep, but this unfortunately isn’t the case with vaping. A lot of e-cig users quickly realise that getting the most out of their e-juice or e-cigarette device involves a little bit of regular cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, it’s nothing that requires too much time, nor does it require specialist knowledge or tools. Every user at home can usually keep their device looking great with a little effort. Short daily or weekly maintenance is usually plenty to keep everything in ship shape.


Some smokers might go into vaping expecting the transition to be seamless. It’s usually not. Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking, but habits can be deeply ingrained, so expect to battle a few cravings whilst you get used to your e-cig!