Everything You Wanted Know About Variable Wattage and Voltage E-Cigarettes

Variable Wattage and Voltage Electronic Cigarettes

Sometimes, in order to enjoy a good vaping experience, you need to think about customisation. The flavor of the e-liquid you are using will certainly be a factor for the taste you get. Be that as it may, there are other factors that affect the performance of the electronic cigarette but you may not be familiar with them.

There are certain e-juice flavours such as chocolate, coffee and tobacco that taste better if more heat is applied to them. Alternatively, fruity e-liquid flavours such as peach and strawberry taste better if exposed to less heat. Some other technical variables which have a major impact on the vaping experience include the size of the vapour cloud, the e-liquid flavour at specific temperatures and the vapour temperature. Wattage and voltage are other factors.

voltWhat is Wattage?

In the world of vaping, wattage determines how much heat the atomizer unit is producing. You will be able to control the amount of heat that is produced by the atomizer by adjusting its wattage. This way, you will be able to fine-tune the electronic cigarette to meet the specific needs of your tastes.

The resistance level of an atomizer tends to vary among models. However, the range is between 1.5ohm and 3ohm. In order to increase the wattage, you will have to adjust either the voltage levels or the resistance levels. There are e-cigarettes that give you the ability to make the adjustments they are typically called advanced personal vaporizers, variable wattage e-cigs, variable voltage e-cigs or mods.

How Does Variable Wattage or Voltage Work?

E-cigarettes which use variable wattage or voltage can be operated just like any other standard e-cig. There is only one difference. In the case of advanced personal vaporizers, they have a circuit to store and regulate the power from the e-cig battery. This gives you the ability to make adjustments to the heat to optimize the quality of the vape.

Variable Voltage: This allows you to change the voltage output of the device to an optimal level that the cartomizer is capable of handling. Adjustments to the voltage can maximize the intensity of the flavour, the production of the vapour and the throat hit.

Variable Wattage: Unlike variable voltage, this will allow you to change the power output of the device from a range of 3 to 15 watts. Once the power output has been set, the device’s microprocessor will keep the power output steady irrespective of the resistance of the cartomizer. You will be able to maintain your preferred taste even if you change the resistance of the cartomizer.

Increasing Vapor Production

Both variable wattage and variable voltage have one major advantage. That advantage is to allow e-cigs to have an increased vapour production. In fact the production of vapour will be more than what a basic e-cig is capable of producing.

Why Should You Consider Using These Devices?

The main reason for using these devices is that you will be enjoying a greater control over your vaping experiences with them. However, you need to learn how to use these devices as they can be quite difficult to master.