Lift Your Vaping Experience with the Best E-juices

Hopefully by now, you are vaping lovely or you are about to vape lovely. Most often, a lot of people send emails and questions asking about the perfect nicotine level that they should receive from e-juice. And by the way, e-juice, e-liquids, vape juice… they are all the same thing, and it really depends on you and what you are looking for. If you are not a cigarette-tobacco smoker, and you just want to get involved in vaping, which is quite cool (of course everyone does it), then e-cigarettes are the best alternative. A wide variety of unique flavors come designed to enhance your smoking experience.

E-Juice Tank Capacity vs. Nicotine Level

The only thing that you will be getting from these e-liquids is nicotine and not the other hundreds of chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes, which when combusted, become very dangerous to your body. The e-juices come in variable strengths of nicotine anywhere from 0 (no nicotine) to as high as 24 mg, which is quite high. The e-liquid specifically comes in glass bottles. So if are a pack-a-day cigarette smoker, it is recommended that you go for either the 16 or 18 mg strength nicotine e-juice bottles. What does this mean? Does it mean that the whole bottle is 16 or 18 mg? No, it means that a 1 ml of the e-juice is 18 mg. Normally, a pack of cigarette traditionally has about 70 mg of nicotine. So if you vape with, for instance a 3 ml tank, you’ll have about 18 X 3 mg of nicotine for an 18 mg-rated e-juice. However if you’re a half-a-day-pack smoker, then you might start with 12 mg.

What Type of E-Juice Tank Should You Buy?

Now, there are different tanks of e-juice available. The most complete tanks comprise basic cartomizer and atomizer tanks with a couple of wigs in them. Remember that you should only buy your e-juice contained in glass containers; otherwise don’t get it. The reason is that plastic tends to leak out chemicals into the juice, and hopefully when you want to vape, you are only dealing with the nicotine and not the CFCs and whatever crap is in there that potentially could have been leaked into your juice.

We guarantee an exceptionally high smoke volume since our e-cigs are primarily based on the volume of the vapor and smoke that they are able to produce. You’ll be getting the best throat hit that has never been matched by any other. Give it a shot and you’ll be very impressed for sure.