Top 5 Best E-Cigarette Brands of 2014

Here are the top five e-cigarette brands of 2014:

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are causing a fuss in society today. A lot of people want to give them a try and experience for themselves the differences between puffing on an e-cigarette and smoking traditional cigarettes.

For those people who still have not decided yet which brand of electronic cigarettes to choose, you have to keep in mind that it is very important to get the best. Your decision must be based on customers’ ratings and testimonials, as well as the brand’s reputation.

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs has consistently been one of the top brands in the market today. In terms of online retailing, it is the largest, and it also has a huge fan base. The reason for this is that this particular brand has always offered high-quality products with exceptional performance. Compared to other e-cigarettes on the market, the V2 Cigs e-cigarettes have a longer battery life, produce more vapours, and even offer personalization to those who want it.

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The next e-cigarette brand after V2 Cigs is VaporFi, which is advancing pretty fast nowadays. VaporFi, formerly known as Vapor Zone, offers six different models of e-cigarettes, with a range from miniature cigarette-shaped models to full-sized eGo models that include good cartomizers. Another reason why VaporFi is considered to be one of the best is that it just recently launched create-your-own flavour. This means that it is possible for you to mix up to three flavours and taste your own creation.

Green Smoke

You can also give Green Smoke a try, which also offers several options at reasonable price ranges. But just recently, another cigarette company bought Green Smoke, which means that there might be some changes in the company in the future. For starters, this brand can absolutely offer a lot, and you will surely love the fact that you can make several choices from the wide selection available.

Apollo E-Cigs

To more experienced e-cigarette users, the Apollo E-Cigs brand is a very good brand for you to consider. The reason for this is that it offers both the typical e-cigarette model, as well as the eGo model. For those who do not know, eGo models use great batteries that can connect to a wide selection of tanks. These tanks can be filled with any e-juice brand of your choice, which makes the experience more personalized.

777 E-Cigs

The last brand, which completes the list, is 777 E-Cigs, which is another well-respected company in the electronic cigarette industry. For a very long time, they have been present and have produced top-notch products. When it comes to the vapour, these create a fair amount, but their available flavours are really exceptional. But the best thing about 777 E-Cigs is that it offers great customer service and makes sure that every customer is taken care of very well.

These five brands have surely marked their names in the industry. Choosing one of them will give you the best e-cigarette experience.