Easy Tips for Storing E-Liquids Safely

It is important that e-liquids are stored properly so that they can retain their flavour and taste when used later. In order to store them properly, you need to first understand how these liquids are harmed and what causes the damage.

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The Basics

There are three main causes behind the degradation of e-liquids. They are light, air and heat. If exposed to these elements, e-liquids can degrade and impact the vaping experience.

Be that as it may, it is important to note that the effects of e-juices are not affected by these elements. It is only their colours and flavours that are affected. As flavours are the most important part of the vaping experience, improperly stored e-liquids are not very enjoyable.

The Effects

When exposed to light and air, e-juices that contain nicotine can change their colours. This is due to the effect of oxidation and UV rays on the nicotine molecules. Apart from the change in colour, the distinctive flavour of tobacco will also be lost. Heat can remove all sorts of flavours from e-liquids.

Therefore, it is important that their are kept away from heat, light and air when being stored.

How to Store Them

When you are planning to store your liquids, there are three options you can consider.

Plastic Bottles: These types of containers will be fine if you are only going to keep the e-liquids for a short period of time. However, they should not be used for long term storage. Plastic can interact with the chemicals in the e-liquid albeit at a slower rate.

Glass Bottles: These are perfectly fine storage options for e-liquids. They are completely neutral and will not have any effects on the liquids whatsoever. Of course, they need to be stored away from sunlight, heat and air.

Refrigeration: This is the most effective method of storing them as it prevents light, heat and air from reaching them. The low temperatures will not affect the e-liquids by causing them to freeze. This is due to the low freezing temperatures of VG and PG, two ingredients of these liquids. Refrigeration can significantly increase the lifespan of e-liquids. Be that as it may, you should let the e-liquid return to room temperature after taking it out of the fridge. Only when the temperature has normalized, you should use it for vaping.

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Keep Away From Children and Pets

While eliquids are safe for vaping, they can be dangerous for children as well as pets. This is all the more important if the e-liquids contain nicotine. Simply keeping the liquids in a container with childproof caps will not be enough. These caps rarely provide any significant protection. Given enough time, children will be able to figure how they can be removed. As such, keep them well away.

You should keep the juices in a high shelf that children or pets cannot reach if you want to store them for a short period of time. Alternatively, you can keep them locked up in a fridge.

All vapers should possess knowledge about the proper storage techniques for their e-liquids.