The top advantages of non-nicotine e-liquid

E-juice formulations come in a variety of strengths to suit a range of tolerances. Whilst many people are still opting to use nicotine e-liquids, formulas containing none are also popular and more and more people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of 0% formulas when using their e-cigs.


Electronic ciagrettes have exploded in popularity as an alternative to traditional cigarettes and their role in helping people curb cravings and manage addiction is beginning to be explored.

If you’re considering trying out e-juices without addictive substances then read on below for some of the best advantages in comparison to nicotine containing e-juice.

Quittingnon-nicotine e-liquid

A lot of people use e-cigarettes to break addictions and wean themselves off of combustible cigarettes. Quitting can be exceptionally difficult and for many smokers e-cigarettes are a helpful cessation aid. Even after quitting a lot of smokers have strong cravings or difficulty breaking the habit of smoking, e-cigs using 0% e-liquid formulations can help to curb those cravings.

E-cig users can satisfy their physical urge to smoke whilst avoiding the nicotine found in cigarettes or nicotine e-liquids. Non-addictive e-juices can also be tobacco flavoured further helping ex-smokers to manage their cravings and trick their brain into feeling that the cravings are being satisfied without all the harmful chemicals and addictive substances.

Practicing tricks

A large sub-culture of e-cig users enjoy practicing and showing off the many tricks that can be achieved with the vapour clouds produced by electronic cigarettes. A lot of the tricks out there require many hours of practice to perfect, nicotine containing e-liquids are not advisable for obvious reasons as users risk and overdose.

Non nicotine containing e-juices are a safe way for users to practice without consuming and feeling the effects of the drug.


Just like social smokers there are also social electronic cigarette users out there. In fact it seems that one of the biggest draws for using them is the social aspect. Vape culture has well and truly developed into a thing now and people enjoy relaxing in a social atmosphere, although not necessarily for a substance hit.

Non addictive e-liquids give people the opportunity to be involved in the social side of e-cigs without the needs for using addictive substances.


There are thousands of options for e-juice flavours out there now, and for some people most of the fun in vaping is enjoying the flavour options on the market. For some users e-cigs can help to satisfy a sweet tooth without the calorie guilt, e-juices come in all sorts of flavours such as candy and cheesecake so it can be a fun way to curb cravings or support a diet.

A lot of e-cig users also agree that 0% e-juices also has a stronger flavour, perhaps because the absence of the substance increases the flavouring ratio in the formulation. This provides for a much more enjoyable experience for many users.

Less throat hit

Most users agree that non nicotine formulations generally feel smoother when vaping and don’t have the same throat hit as usual. For many people this can significantly improve the vaping experience.

Bigger clouds

Some users think that the absence of the additional ingredient improves ratios and increases the vapour clouds produced by the e-liquid, improving the experience overall. For some users blowing big vapour clouds is the main event and most of the fun.

Electronic cigarettes will no doubt continue to be popular amongst users and nicotine free formulas will continue to grow in popularity. For many users the flavour, trick or social aspect of vaping is far more attractive than a hit.