E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes

E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes

Many smokers of e-cigarettes are drawn to them because they resemble the shape and size of conventional cigarettes. Having smoked their traditional cigarettes for many years, it is no big deal to swap to an e-cigarette. They look the same, they feel the same and, depending on which e-liquid you choose, they can also taste the same. Mind you there are dozens of e-liquids which give e-cigarettes a huge advantage in taste and aroma.


smokingBut getting back to the look and shape of e-cigarettes, if you like the traditional shape and size of cigarettes then your e-cigarette device can be an exact replica. But what if you like something unusual? What if you like the colour of your e-cigarette to be a particular shade?


Cigarettes invariably have white paper encasing the tobacco but that situation is changed radically for a smoker of e-cigarettes. Let’s say they like their e-cigarette to be black. No problem there at all. What about a choice of striking colours to give your unit a stand-out appearance? Again, there is no problem at all. There are so many varieties of shapes and colours of those shapes to make your e-cigarette smoking something seriously personal and unique.


Pipes, packs and parts


For those smokers who enjoy the feel and look of a pipe, there are many choices to satisfy the e-smoker. E-smoking with a pipe is popular and becoming more so. For e-cigarettes there are packs using traditional packaging which contain the various parts required for every e-cigarette smoker. And each unit comes with the various parts including the battery and atomizer. All these packages and parts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. It’s almost as if you can configure the appearance of your e-cigarettes.


For those smokers who like appearance and style, you can choose from a wide range of carry cases to house your e-cigarettes and their component parts.  From exquisitely designed, polished wood boxes to a striking black hold-all, your e-cigarettes can be stored with style and class.


For smokers new to e-cigarettes, it can be well worthwhile to discover what’s available, not just in the e-liquids and thus the tastes and aromas, but in the paraphernalia, the bits and bobs you need to properly enjoy smoking e-cigarettes.  Not only is there a huge choice for the actual parts but you can also store the entire package in your own display and/or carry case.


Keep them clean and handy


Because there are various parts to an e-cigarette, such as the atomizer and battery, being able to find and get the best use out of your materials is so much easier when well stored. Transferring e-liquids is a safe and simple procedure but the better your storage and hygiene, the more you will enjoy your e-cigarettes and the longer the parts will last.

It’s an old adage but a stitch in time does indeed save nine. If you care for your e-cigarette device, keep the parts clean and stored safely and well, your products will last longer and provide you with cheaper and more enjoyable smoking. The quality of the parts and e-liquids is first-class. Keep them that way with careful and regular cleaning and storage.