The terms and language

Anyone new to e-liquids may find some of the terms used to be confusing. Anyone experienced with smoking e-cigarettes will know exactly what most if not all these words mean. In fact the term e-cigs is frequently used as a shorthand version. So there is the first term.

Vaping is another term which in essence means smoking. You see e-cigas contain no tobacco and there is no flame or burning of leaves as with conventional cigarettes. Instead a flavoured liquid is heated by battery power creating a vapour which the smoker inhales. So this act of inhaling using the vapour is called vaping and basically means smoking an e-liquid.

The conventional cigarette has a filter at the smoker’s end of the cigarette. An e-cig has a cartomizer. It’s basically the flavor cartridge which contains the liquid which is turned into a vapour. It looks like a conventional cigarette’s filter and so some people called the cartomizer the filter. It’s not, it just looks like one. The beauty of a cartomizer or flavour cartridge is that its contents come in a huge variety of flavors. You can smoke almost any number of different aromas with your e-cig.

Nicotine strength is a measurement used in labelling. Some smokers want a good portion of their e-liquid to contain nicotine; others want a reduced amount while others still want no nicotine at all. That’s another of the benefits. You can choose the amount of nicotine strength you wish to enjoy including no nicotine at all.

Each kit is different and depending on the type of e-liquid you choose and how often you smoke, your components will need servicing. Knowing how to carry out minor running repairs and maintenance can save you even more money. Drawing harder is an issue that occurs when your battery needs attention. It’s dead easy to rub a little rubbing alcohol on the selected part of your battery to have your e-cig running perfectly once again.

A throat hit is an expression used by smokers of conventional cigarettes. It basically means the same things for e-smokers. A throat hit is the sensation you get when you inhale using an e-ciggy. Some people are concerned that switching to e-cigs will mean they lose the sensation of a throat hit. That is not so.

The term e-liquid is used a lot in discussing e-devices. It refers to the liquid, especially created for smoking. The beauty of this e-liquid is that it can come in a wide variety of flavors and, when in cartridge form, is simply attached to your e-cigarette and provides many e-cigs. The battery provides the heat source which turns the e-liquid into a vapour which the smoker inhales.

There are many different terms used by different manufacturers and retailers. The important thing to understand is that brand names are not component names. When you have a grasp of the simple terms as listed in this article, you will be easily able to understand what e-cigarettes are all about and how simple it is to buy, put together and enjoy them.