Why not try an E-cigar or pipe?

Many e-cigar producers spend quite a lot on attempting to produce a quality product, one that is as realistic as it can be. Ultimately it is not a real cigar but it has points in its favour that a cigar does not.

People talk about “their favorite brand”, well why not your favorite cigar full stop? One that can smoke and resmoke? Or if you prefer disposable cigars they are on offer as well.

Cigar smoking has a long history. Winston Churchill smoked the Romeo and Juliet brand, while Fidel Castro smoked Cuban cigars. The act of wrapping tobacco into a cylinder with tobacco leaves has had a long history.

Smoking cigars on a bar stool, in a gentleman’s club in large leather chairs or at the poker or billiard table (or if you wished to be set apart from your peers, the cribbage or pool table) or “drawing” (which apparently means taking or obtaining from a container or receptacle) is completely off-limits now.

So this leaves the e-cigar. Or at least it would have done, except until recently the technology wasn’t quite right. However it seems that the difficulties have been ironed out.

The e-cigar, otherwise known as the vapor cigar seems to be convincing those who smoked normal cigars. Or that should be puffed, this is the create terminology for smoking cigars.

Well the terminology is confused-cigars are puffed, smoked or drawn, and e-cigarettes are “vaped” as they produce vapour, not smoke.

There are starter kits with cigars marketed as Cuban, fine and golden; as well as best e-liquid flavours, such as mint, mocha, vanilla or cherry.


electronic cigar

Some last for ages, but some are disposable and designed for only using once.

It is vital that e-cigars are strong for its users but do not produce overly strong vapours for people in the vicinity-also known as second hand smoke. It also doesn’t produce an odour on the clothes. Its taste is less pungent than normal cigars.

There are e-cigs that go up to 1,800 puffs (or vapes or whatever) but most non-disposable ones reach about a thousand puffs.

Cigars go up to such strengths as X-high or super-strong-26mg.

Some e-cigs are marketed as panatellas-this is a long thin or slender cigars.

Instead of an atomizer, some e-cigs have cartomizers instead; a combination of atomizer and cartridge.

Like e-cigarettes, e-cigars are rechargeable through USB points.

For those who enjoy the taste of eating cigars they have manufactured ones with chewable tips.

Pipes have their own history. They bring to mind Sherlock Holmes and the country gentleman in a tweed suit. Of course electronic pipes have yet to make that big an impression.

Electronic pipes like e-cigars are marketed as producing less odour from their juice (or e-juice) than their non-electronic versions.

Instead of using an atomizer to charge your electronic pipe you buy disposable tips.

Pipes, unlike e-cigarettes and e-cigars are made of wood, though you can also get brass ones.

Some electronic pipes are advertised as being custom made and it seems that the manufacturers take great pride in their work.

As with most innovations only time will tell if the e-cigar and e-pipe will take off.