Does Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Affect Arteries?

The existence of e-cigarettes can be justified by what seems to make the devices the lesser evil in the smoking context.  The apparent lack of regulation and mass media campaigns that make e-cigs look cool has been welcomed far and wide. There is a quiet storm sweeping medical sectors, after revelations that the real truth behind the e-nicotine concept is somehow unfounded.

New studies compound the very notion that e-cigs are handy in helping the habitual smoker give up the habit. The fact that nicotine is responsible for a number of health complications, including damaging arteries, poses the question of what about nicotine in electronic smokes. It is true that the nicotine levels may be low, but the long term usage reveals harmful health outcomes as well. Health experts have in particular referred to vascular muscle structures that are easily affected by nicotine. If these cells are inflamed by the occurrence of nicotine, it could lead to atherosclerotic complications.

Nicotine and Heart Disease

It is worthy to note that if used for the short term, e-cigarettes are the best option available. On the contrary, if the usage becomes prolonged and a user becomes an addict, the blood arteries are likely to suffer. Whereas nicotine is believed to be slow in reacting, the adverse effects will finally cause complications. In the light of this, it is not valid for users to stop using e-cigs based on the premise above. On the other hand, nicotine be it organic or in a different form, like that found in electronic puffs, has a likelihood of predisposing users to heart diseases.

E-Cig Theories

Over the years scientists have proved that toxins found in tobacco like nicotine are responsible for smoking diseases. This perhaps makes it believable that e-cigarettes are the better option. Even when the devices are assumed safe, it is prudent to believe that the research about their perceived safety is still inconclusive. While there are other alternatives including nicotine patches and nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes will offer reliable answers once the research bit has been exhausted and verified.

Earned Trust

Even though the nicotine gadgets have earned some trust with users and the medical fraternity, there is still a need to be apprehensive on their usage. There are other diseases whose onset can be traced partly to the use of nicotine found in e-cigs. Even though the electronic puff stick is more preferred than tobacco cigarettes, it is important to understand the long term effects of use, as it can affect the cardiac system.


Controlled Prevalence?

Even though electronic smokes do not cause lung cancer like other cigarettes, they still do pose a danger to the cardiac system. As different players in the tobacco sector await the verdict to be passed on the fate of e-cigs, it is crucial to clear out the confusion that seems to hover above smokers. The likelihood of having eventual results will make it clear for people hanging on to the idea that electronic smokes are 100% safe.