What is e-cig liquid made of?

Electronic cigarette liquid or e-liquid is basically the real source of vapor present in electronic cigarettes that takes the place of smoke which is seen in real cigarettes. E-Liquid is also commonly referred to as the ‘smoke-juice’. There is an atomizer present in the e-liquid which heats it and produces vapor that contains the actual flavor and nicotine to give the sensation of smoking to its users. Users feel like they are smoking a real cigarette.

Electronic cigarette liquid is mainly composed of three components which are vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, liquid nicotine concentrate and a concentrated flavor.  The most commonly used base for the e- liquid is propylene glycol or PG. It is both colorless and odorless, is excellent at pushing the other ingredients of e-liquid, and it gives a satisfactory consistency to the e-liquid vapor. Other options are usage of vegetable glycerin as an optional base in e-liquids and a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in the correct consistency. Vegetable glycerin is made from vegetable oil and it is one of the ingredients in an e-liquid due to its sweet taste. Unlike sugar, it also does not contribute to the decay of teeth.

To produce the electronic cigarette liquid, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin is combined together with a concentrate of liquid nicotine. E-cigarette users have the option of choosing the amount of nicotine to add in their electronic cigarette and this permits the users to gradually decrease the intake of nicotine till nicotine dependency reduces considerably. The concentrated flavoring present in the electronic cigarette liquid which come in various best e-liquid flavors like chocolate mint, bubblegum, pina colada, menthol, fruit flavors, flower scents, vanilla extract etc. E- liquids with flavor of tobacco is said to mimic the smoking experience like that of a real cigarette and is thus widely used. Flavoring for e-liquid is usually made up of FDA approved, and naturally occurring food additives.

Experts suggest that e-liquids should be purchased, based on the liquid consistency, strength of the throat hit, its flavor and the concentration of nicotine. Of course the factors for purchasing vary from user to user depending on the purpose or experience that they are using the device for. Throat hit means the immediate sensation experienced by the user when the vapor from the electronic cigarette reaches the back of his throat. It is reported to be same like taking a long drag from a real cigarette. The levels of Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin control the consistency of the e-liquid. The taste of the liquid depends on the flavor concentrate used and the nicotine concentration depends on the level of nicotine that is added to the electronic liquid.

Some people also add distilled water as one of the components to the e-liquid in order to decrease the viscocity of the e-liquid. The basic ingredients in an electronic cigarette liquid remains the same, but the flavor keeps changing based on the preference of the users.