Info for buying your first e-juice

Your e-cigarette is only as good as the e-juice you decide to load it with, so choosing your first flavour is just as important a decision as your first vaping device. You want to take your time with making a decision since you don’t want to invest in a bottle of something you don’t enjoy.

Info for buying your first e-juice

Luckily, there’s a huge range of e-juice flavours available for you to sample and select from. Our starter packs come with a 10ml sample bottle of e-juice so that you have something to try straight away.

Here’s some info for buying your first e-juice.

Tobacco e-juices

Because many people who use e-cigarettes have smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes, they like to go with a tobacco flavoured e-juice to get a similar taste experience. There’s a huge range of tobacco varieties out there for you to choose from and its not hard to find something that replicates your favourite brand of tailored cigarettes.

Keep in mind that not all tobacco e-juices contain nicotine and the products we stock are 0% nicotine. We also do not promote tobacco e-juice as a way to quit smoking.

Fruit e-juices

When vaping took off it didn’t take long for pretty much every variety of sweet fruit to be represented by an e-juice. There’s even plenty that mix and match flavours to give you a truly unique vape experience.

Apple, banana, strawberry – if you can name it, there’s an e-juice for it.

Dessert e-juices

One thing that’s attracted a lot of people to vaping is the novelty of e-juices infused with the taste of chocolate, candy, coffee and even pancakes. Pretty much any flavour can be made into an e-juice and manufacturers have taken advantage of this fact, giving us an almost ridiculous array of options.

Choosing an e-juice

Choosing your e-juice will mostly come down to trial and error as you experiment with different flavours. Obviously, it’s logical to start with flavours that you know you already enjoy and branch out from there.

More experienced vapers will have a daily flavour they use habitually but will sometimes swap out flavours when they feel like a change. Finding a favourite that you know you won’t get sick of is good if you’re going to order several months’ supply.