Important truths long time vapers will understand

If you’re relatively new to vaping then you’re probably finding that it’s a slow process of discovery. It’s a pretty new thing, but it has certainly been around long enough for people to find out a thing or two about it. There are certainly some important lessons and insights that every vaper should learn in order to get the most enjoyment out of their e-cigarettes. You will learn a lot of these lessons through experience, but here are some important insights you should take away in the meantime.


It doesn’t have to be custom to be good

A lot of people choose to build their own vape rig. Whilst custom building a device can be a rewarding experience, it’s definitely not a must in order to enjoy vaping. There are many great out-of-the-box e-cigarettes that offer an excellent experience. They’re often well-designed and have been thoroughly tested, so they work smoothly with e-liquids, be durable and come with warranties. Custom builds can be fantastic, but if poorly done, they can also fall apart or operate more poorly then ready-built versions. Considering the fact that they can also come at a greater cost, custom might not always be best.

Don’t let the idea that you have to build a custom device get in the way of enjoying vaping. You don’t need to spend hours on research and building a device, just find one that you like online or in-store.

Plastic isn’t fantastic

A lot of long time e-cig users will tell you that glass tanks are much better than plastic. They’re more durable because they can withstand e-juice that heat up more, where plastic may crack, your glass tank will hold up. You should always ensure you purchase safety glass however, as normal glasses will shatter more easily if dropped or knocked around.

Don’t shake your e-cig

E-juices usually need a little bit of a shake up to ensure that all of the mixture is properly mixed together and hasn’t separated, a good shake will make for better flavouring and a more enjoyable vaping experience but it’s important to do this whilst the e-juice is in the bottle, not in your tank. Vigorously shaking around your e-cig could damage it, cause parts to break off, and might damage sensitive parts like your batteries.

Don’t leave a full e-cig sitting around

A leaking e-cig can be the bane of most users’ existence. There’s nothing worse than reaching into a handbag only to discover that sticky liquid has leaked everywhere, or discovering a wet patch in your pocket. Leaving your tank full is asking for a leak, especially if you’ve had your e-cig for a while. There’s a good chance that most older devices have loosened up a little bit, and e-juice left to sit, especially in the heat can start to leak.

Once a leak has happened a lot of e-cig users then try to tighten everything up as much as possible. This is also a bad idea. Over-tightening can damage your vape.

You get what you pay for

When it comes to e-cigarettes, e-juice and other accessories, you really do get what you pay for. There has been a proliferation of poor quality, counterfeit products on the market in recent years. They can be tempting for consumers because of their low price point, but they almost always use low quality materials, and are poorly designed and as a result they lack durability and will fall apart quickly. Sometimes counterfeit items can even be dangerous. Considering e-cigs contain heating elements and lithium batteries, it’s better to err on the side of caution.