How to fix flavour creep with your e-liquids

Have you ever inhaled on your e-cig and tasted something kind of weird? It can really ruin the experience of vaping when you’re looking forward to trying out a new e-juice and it just tastes wrong. Flavour creep is a very common experience for e-cig users that like to change up their e-liquid and is a common problem for those who favour refillable and reusable devices. Remember that you can always get best e-liquids from our shop.

Luckily this annoying issue is an easy one to solve. If you’re experiencing unwelcome lingering tastes when using your e-cig and you’re trying to work out how to fix it then read our advice below on the problem.

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 What is flavour creep?

Flavour creep or ‘ghosting’ as it’s sometimes called basically refers to crossover or lingering taste that e-cig users sometimes experience when changing out their e-liquids. Flavour creep only happens to e-cig users who have the refillable tank type of device and is usually most evident when switching between e-juices.

Flavour creep usually manifests as a slight lingering sensation and can affect the flavour of your current e-juice. The phenomenon can really ruin the experience of vaping and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

If you’ve switched from a fruit e-juice to a candy e-juice for instance, then you’re probably going to be in for a weird and unpleasant taste combination.

So how do you combat the creep when using your e-cig device?

How do I prevent flavour creep from happening?

The easiest way to avoid flavour creep is to have multiple clearomisers on hand. If you have just a few e-juices that use regularly than this can be a viable and simple solution, it takes just a few moments to switch them out. If you like to switch it up regularly though or you only have one clearomiser on hand then you’ll need to use a different solution.

The simplest thing to do in that case is to give you’re clearomiser a thorough clean to remove any remanants of previous e-juices that might upset the taste of you new e-liquid.

There are cleaning kits that can purchase that can help make the cleaning process more efficient and easy but the job can also be done with common household cleaning agents.

Cleaning steps

Here are a few of the simple cleaning steps that you can follow at home to remove old e-liquids.

  1. Place paper towels on a flat surface in an area where you have access to a tap and running water
  2. Unscrew your e-cig device and pull out your clearomiser
  3. Turn on your water at a low speed
  4. Gently wash out your mouthpiece to remove any excess e-liquids, allow to air dry on your paper towels
  5. Fill clearomiser with water and place thumb over it, shake and empty
  6. Repeat this step until water runs clear. Cloudy water indicated that there is still e-liquid present
  7. Use scrunched up paper towel to dry out excess water inside clearomiser
  8. Allow clearomiser to drip dry on paper towels
  9. Allow to dry overnight and reassemble

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important for preventing gunk build up and lingering tastes from e-liquids and can help to prolong the life of your device. It is a good idea to clean your device every time when switching between e-juices to avoid the unpleasant effects of electronic cigarette ghosting.

Next time you experience lingering left over taste make sure you disassemble your device and follow these steps as it can be a preventative measure for both ghosting and other potential e-cig related issues.