Guide to Steeping E-Liquid for E-Puffs

E-cigarettes and e-liquids are fast becoming a smoker’s paradise. Many smokers ripe with the urge to kick the habit are finding solace in the two alternatives. Despite the growing popularity for the anti-smoking options, many users may still have problems understanding how e-liquids are prepared to produce a reliable product. One of the crucial processes involved here is steeping.  Steeping in this context means the delicate procedure of blending, and maturing an e-liquid mixture to give the best flavour when vaping.

Perhaps what would pass a valid question is what does steeping entails? Experts in the sector will essentially point out, how the e-juice is developed with tactical processes to clean out unwanted tastes. This is where multiple liquids are matured and seasoned. There is a need to give time to different base components of these liquids, since it is the only way to let them bond-chemically. The process also needs to undergo oxidation, and thus speeds up the steeping process. It is okay to leave the caps off the steeping containers to allow air in.

The good thing about the process is that the mixture will always change colour as it matures. The mixture with high nicotine content will change colour faster than one with less nicotine. Steeping experts will use various methods, but the bottom line is that the process finally brings out a better vaping flavour. There are common steeping methods used to improve e-liquids.

 Time Method

Of the known steeping techniques, the time method is the most conventional. This involves leaving out the cap on the liquid container to allow air or oxidation to take place. The container is placed in a dark place, and left out for a few days. Shaking the bottle from time to time to bring in fresh air is recommended. One of the major benefits includes getting superbly matured e-liquids. Even though the time taken to deliver the best flavour can be long, other methods can be used to give better results.

Agitation Method

The agitation method involves stirring and shaking the liquid to allow air bubbles to move through the juice. This makes it possible for oxidation to happen evenly. The results eventually come out with a well defined e-liquid.

 Water Bath Method

The water bath option involves placing the e-liquid container in a warm water bath after heating it. This is one of the most efficient and fast processes to steep a vaping liquid. It is advisable to use warm water instead of hot water, since nicotine and hot water are sworn enemies.

 Microwave Method

Steeping e-liquids with microwaves is another productive method. This almost works like the water bath method, although care need to be taken due to the high heat intensity, which again is harmful to nicotine levels. It is critical to use short 1 second heat blasts such that the liquid only gets warm. Of the above methods, the final product is bound to give off the desired flavour. Better results will be achieved, if a combination of these methods is used. The longer the steeping process takes, the higher the quality of the end product.