Which is Better Glassomizers or Clearomizers?

For years there has been a debate regarding clearomizers versus glassomizers in the Vaping Community. The vote gets divided in between those who love clearomizers and those who die for glassomizers. If you are deciding which one you should get, read on.

Glassomizers and clearomizers function in quite an identical manner. Both of these are tanks that are attached to the atomizers contain the e-juice. They are then attached to the battery that you choose and all together they make the vaporiser or the e-cigarette. The real difference in between clearomizer and the glassomizer is that the material that is used for each of these tanks is different. While glassomizers are built with Pyrex Glass, clearomizers are built with polycarbonate plastic.

This is a minor difference but it stirs up the debate. The material of the tank allows the user to enlist the various pros and cons of the product.



The most important benefit that you get from a clearomizer is durability. They have a very tough built. Hence, even if you drop them to the floor, they won’t break. This is an essential need for a vaper who is always on the go. They have a tendency to put their devices in cars, desks, pockets, etc and thus, it is quite prone to damage.

There is another very important benefit of clearomizers, and that is the cheaper price. This is because plastics cost a lot less as a raw material. As a matter of fact, it is also very convenient to work with.


Being prone to erosion is the major downfall of clearomizers. With time the acids in e-liquid, especially the menthol and the fruit liquids, erode the polycarbonate plastic. This is not only unappealing but also potentially harmful in case the carcinogenic plastic is ingested. People also argue that the erosion of plastic can also alter the flavour of the e-liquid that is being used.



Glassomizers are resistant to erosion because they are made of Pyrex glass. Irrespective of the level of acidity of e-liquid that is used in it, the glass tank will not erode. This makes it longer lasting than the clearomizers. The vape will also have more flavours if there is lack of erosion.


The major downfall of the glassomizer is that it breaks very easily when it is dropped on the ground. This is usually made of pyrex glass and a drop from any height will very well break the tank. In fact, it has been known that if you keep it inside the pocket then while bending down it might break. This is the reason some companies have built their glassomizers in such a way that it can be replaced with another glass tank which is less expensive than the whole of the glass.

The other drawback of glassomizer is that it is very expensive especially the high quality ones. It sometimes costs as high as $25 whereas clearomizers cost $7 max.

Each has its own benefits and it depends you what device you would like to purchase.