Getting Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

Getting Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a common condition that often affects regular vapers. During this condition, there will be a loss in sensation in your tongue. In other words, you will not be able to taste the flavour of the e-liquid or even other foods. In most cases, this condition is pretty harmless and it resolves itself within a couple of weeks.

Be that as it may, there are some remedies that you can try out in order to speed up the healing process and get back your taste. Here are some of them.

e-liquids for ecigsChange Your E-Liquid Flavor

In many cases, your vaper’s tongue might be restricted to a single flavour. In that case, change the e-liquid flavour to a different one. Keep changing the flavour every few weeks so that your taste buds do not get fatigued with a single flavour. If you have been using a subtle and refined flavour for your e-liquids, you may opt for a stronger flavour as an alternative.

Drink Enough Water

Dehydration can cause your taste buds to become incapable of sensing the flavour. As such, you should drink enough water throughout the day to keep you rehydrated. This can also help you avoid dry mouth which is a common occurrence in some regulator vapers. There is another added advantage of this method. Drinking water can also cleanse your palate making it easier to recognize flavours.

Reset Your Taste Buds

Sometimes, you are unable to taste foods because your taste buds have been overwhelmed with flavours. In such cases, you need to reset your taste buds so that they can start functioning normally again. An easy solution for this problem would be to suck on lemons. You can simply place a wedge of lemon inside your mouth. You can go for lemon sorbet instead if you find the lemons to be too sour.

Use Unflavoured E-Liquids

Some vapers believe that it using unflavoured e-liquids can help you get back your sense of taste. Use such e-liquids for a period of two weeks as that is how long it takes for your taste buds to regrow. After a period of use, you can go back to using your flavours.

Stop Dual Vaping

Smoking can affect your taste buds and render them incapable of recognizing flavours. If you smoke and vape together, it lead to vaper’s tongue. You should avoid smoking for a period of time and use only e-cigs. It is better if you opt for the unflavoured variety of e-liquids. You may notice a difference at the end of that period.

Give Your Taste Buds Time

It takes an average of two weeks for taste buds to be restored. You may want to give your taste buds a break from strong flavours for this time period in order to help them heal faster.

Vaper’s tongue can be a problem but it is usually a minor inconvenience. In some rare cases, the condition can be serious. You should always consult a doctor for medical care if you think that is the case with you.