Flavoured or Unflavoured?

Nicotine E-Juice: Flavoured or Unflavoured?

If you are switching to electronic cigarettes to avoid the risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes, you may find yourself having to choose between unflavoured nicotine e-juices and flavoured ones. Most people start out conservatively, with unflavoured e-juices. Their only concern is the strength that they are vaping.

But you will be surprised by smoking e-cigs can, besides giving you the nicotine kick that you desire. Here is a look at some traditional fruity one you can try. And if you are feeling adventurous, try some of the unusual flavours mentioned below all of which are available with nicotine added.

Most e-cigarette brands will offer e-juices in a variety of fruity flavours. The popular (and unsurprising) ones among these include peach, apple, watermelon, blueberry, cherry and vanilla. Other can include chocolate and menthol, the last of which is a preference for many ex-smokers and present vapers. You should always buy a mixed trial pack containing many cartridges for the first time. Doing so will let you find the flavour that works for you without having to spend on it that you dislike.

The curious will find some exotic flavours like Turkish tobacco and other robust, floral one that may work well for you. The best way to try out it is to purchase the smallest (usually 10 ml) bottles available. You cannot go wrong with these exotic ones, and it is always great to have a change of palate from time to time. There are other weird savoury flavours available as well – like bacon, pizza, popcorn and beer, with an added advantage of nicotine present in them for that unique throat hit – but these are not for everyone and have not gained much popularity.

Happy vaping!