E-liquids – an overview


E- Liquid is the watery substance that helps burn the Electronic Cigarette. The nicotine solution to your Electronic Cigarette and their flavoring is being provided by E- Liquid.  It is the smoke in which you puff out that mimics the customary tobacco smoke. There are different types of E-liquids found with different flavors. Some have high nicotine content, some has less and some doesn’t have any nicotine at all.  There are basically 5 different nicotine contents available, they are:-

E-liquid with nicotine4   Extra Light – 8

4   Regular – 18

4   None – 0

4   Light – 12

4   High – 24

How much E-liquid you will consume depends on how many ciggerates you smoke on a daily basis.    Heavy smokers might end up consuming 18 18 ml in a week.



Base ingredients are used in E-liquids to create the smooth flavor. These ingredients consist of Vegetable Glycerin, which is also known as VG and Propylene Glycol, which is also known as  PG. Natural and artificial flavors of cherry or espresso are combined to create a splendid flavor, which gives a charm and satisfaction to the consumer.

4Propylene Glycol – Propylene Glycol is used to add flavor to foods. It is also used as a coloring agent and is also used in medicines. When Propylene Glycol is combined with Vegetable Glycerin, it becomes much smoother compared to 100% Propylene Glycol. On every important characteristic of Propylene Glycol is, it is nontoxic in nature.

4Vegetable Glycerin – LikePropylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin is also nontoxic in nature. It is sweet and thick.100% VG content is very hard to smoke, that is why a combination of PG and VG is always advised.



Generally, there are two types of E-liquid available. They are –

Premium E-Liquid – Premium E-Liquids are created using a perfect blend of PG and VG. These are the best quality of E-Liquids available. They have an excellent flavor.

Regular E- Liquid –

Regular e-Liquid are the cheaper version of e-Liquids available. They contain some chemicals which could be harmful to your health.

a)      Diacetyl: – Diacetyl may prove to be harmful if inhaled over a long period of time. Diacetyl is used to create the flavor of butter.

b)     Acetoin :-  This ingredient gets mixed up with other chemicals inside your body and might produce a very harmful reaction

E-liquids are available in different flavors. However, you should always choose the best available one, because the best ones are made of best ingredients. As you know, smoking itself is injurious to health, and if you start inhaling smoke made of harmful objects, it might, and surely will yield a fatal outcome in days to come. E-Liquids are gradually gaining popularity all over the world. Not only because they are available in different flavors, but they are less harmful than conventional tobaccos. The best available tobaccos are highly expensive and cannot be afforded by most of the people. However, in case of E-liquids, since they are manufactured, their cost is much lesser and affordable at the same time. This is another reason why E-Liquids have gained so much of popularity