E-liquid Flavours for E-ciggies

More and more people are switching to e-cigarettes for various reasons. E-cigarettes claim to be comparatively healthier and safer than traditional cigarettes. Also, they do not smell, the second hand smoke in this case is just water vapor, and it offers a smoker their nicotine fix without having to burn tobacco, tar and other carcinogenic chemicals. E-cigarettes also offer vapers a chance to personalize their vaping device and use it as an extension of their personality. E-cig users can customize the device and choose the color, the flavor of the liquid, the nicotine content in the e-liquid and even the capacity of the tank. These electronic devices provide consumers offer enhanced vaping experience to vapers with bigger e-liquid tanks, longer lasting batteries and an e-liquid of choice.

Numerous manufactures offer e-cig smokers a variety of flavored e-liquids to choose from. Here’s a list of a few to choose from, in case one of them happens to catch your fancy:

  1. Mango: the sweetness of mango to enhance your vaping experience. Replicating the natural essence of mangoes, this rich yellow e-juice will delight your taste buds with a relishing after taste.
  2. Black currant: for a rich energizing vape, this flavor is apt for refilling your energy levels and thrills the taste buds. For the berry lovers, this will leave a delicious berry feeling on your tongue and leave you wanting more.
  3. Honey: as smooth, natural and soothing as honey, this honey flavored e-liquid will give you an au natural feeling of consuming honey. Not only will this enhance the vaping experience, it will also enhance the smoothness and the richness of the vape.
  4. Virgin (tobacco flavor): for the smoker switching to e-cigarettes, this is an apt flavor. This Virgin tobacco flavored e-liquid will emulate the act of smoking, complete with the taste of tobacco. Will help you switch to a healthier option, and eventually wean off if you plan to quit.
  5. Mint: for the freshest feeling, this is the one for you. Not too many can take the coolness and if you’re up for it, this fresh spearmint flavor can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a vape.
  6. Champagne: who said you need to drink it to know what it tastes like. Try vaping the champagne flavor and you’ll know the richness of this delicate and exquisite wine. Classy and touché.
  7. Black tea: for the black tea lovers. This authentic black tea flavor will give you a rich, tempting vaping experience.
  8. Piña colada: enjoy vaping on the official Puerto Rican beverage flavor. This creamy, coconut-y flavor will leave a tangy pineapple-y after taste. For a truly tropical vaping treat, the Piña colada flavor.
  9. Cigar: enjoy a rich evenly burning cigar taste through your regular vaping device with this cigar flavor. For a pseudo cigar smoking experience, sans the smoke and the smell, this flavor will lend a rich Cuban feel to your vape.
  10. Apple: for a crisp, fresh tasting apple vape, this is the best option. This apple flavored e-liquid will gift you a ripe apple tasting experience like never before.