E Cigarette Slang and Jargon

E Cigarettes have become its very own subculture that is full of different slang and jargon. When being immersed in the culture it is important that you understand the different types of slang that is used. It is also important that you learn this type of lingo when you are interacting with others in this culture. The truth about E cigarettes subculture and the jargon used is there are tons of words added and taken away. However, there are some words that have been around for a few years and show no signs of leaving or being replaced. Learning these basics words will be a big asset to you in future E cigarette dealings.


Some Basic E Cigarette Jargon

These are a few basic E cigarette jargon that you should learn before you begin spending time in the E cigarette subculture. 510 is a very common term that is used in the E cigarette subculture. 510 is used to refer to the size of the E cigarette. The term was created by the Chinese company JoyE, who used this number as a standard of size of E cigs. As the popularity of E cigarettes continued to spread this terminology followed and has been used ever since.  Nic is slang for nicotine which may be sold on its own or mixed with the E juice. Depending on the product the amount of nicotine in it may be more or less, than a standard cigarette.


More E Cigarette Terms

An atomizer or atty is slang used to describe the heating unit or element that is within most E cigarettes on the market. The atomizer is responsible for heating the liquid and turning it into a vapor. All Day Vape, is a e juice flavor that you would not mind smoking all day long. This term is often used when a smoker finds that flavor of E juice that they particularly care for. Two terms that have to do with the content of nicotine within an E cigarette is doubler or tripler. These two terms are referring to the users ability to increase or decrease the amount of nicotine within them. PV(Personal Vapor) is one of the most common terms that you will hear. This terms is just another term for E cigarette.