E Cigarette Facts and Figures

E Cigarettes have become one of the hottest new commodities during the past five years. Upon its initial release in the United States, there seems to be a frenzy surrounding the topic of E cigarettes and its benefits. Some studies have proven that E cigarettes provide certain benefits for users. While other studies completely disagree with this and state that E cigarettes are just as unhealthy as regular cigarettes. With all of this information going around, it may be difficult to tell what is truth and what is fiction. However, this article will help you distinguish between fact and fabrication.


Some Facts about E Cigarettes

With all of the confusion surrounding E cigarettes and its health benefits it is important to look at some facts surrounding it. Some sources state that E cigarettes are soon to be banned all around the world including the United States. The fact of the matter is all evidence points to the opposite. The United States Federal Drug Administration did try to have them ban in 2008, but it was not successful. Today the power lies with the States, on regulating E cigarettes and other tobacco products. In honestly the amount of E cigarette sales has significantly increased since 2008. Nearly 3.5 million people began using E cigarettes between 2008-2012.


More Facts about E Cigarettes

Some people have stated that E Cigarettes are made from ingredients that are toxic. In truth all reputable E cigarette companies offer a list of the ingredients that they use to create their products. This list can easily be found on the back of their products or on their companies website. With a little bit of background research in the different types of ingredients found in these E cigarettes, you can decide to use the product or not. Also, not all E Cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine. Unlike cigarettes E cigs can contain little to no nicotine, depending on the brand that you use.


Facts and Figures on E Cigarettes

There is a horrible myth about E Cigarettes potentially blowing up in smokers faces. This is a laughable and moot point that has been recently proven to be false. E cigarettes are designed to be safe, if used correctly. An E cigarette will only explode in a person face, if the equipment is tinkered or tampered with in some manner. Typically doing a little bit of background information on the product and the manufacture will help you determine if it is safe or not. In a test of 222 people, 31% of the smokers using E Cigarettes for 6 months reportedly stopped smoking traditional cigarettes.


E Cigarettes Fact of the Matter

As anyone could plainly see E cigarettes are offering users a alternative to their cigarette smoking habits. E cigarettes wirh e-liquid are an increasingly popular trend that is said to have about 1 billion users in the next 30 years. At rates like this it is hard to understand why there is so much misinformation available online. Through simple analysis of the facts provide, it is easy to see that E cigarettes will be around for a long time.