Different Flavours of E-Liquid

One of the many things that make people excited about e-cigarette is that when compared to the conventional cigarette, there is a big variety of flavours, and you can pick from any of them. E-liquid comes in different flavours that make people excited to try them. There was a ban on flavoured cigarettes that eliminates the originality of the products from certain manufacturers. You will not be able to satisfy your cravings with the flavoured e-liquids without the smoke; however you can also experience the e-cigarette flavours without the necessity of tobacco inclusion.

A lot of people find e-liquids exciting, since there are so many flavours to choose from and in every e-liquid there is an exciting element to look forward to. If you will try to do a taste test of every flavour, for instance, would you go for the dry ashy taste?  This is close to the taste of the Marlboro classic. Do you want to indulge in a rich, dark taste close to the taste of Davidoff? Do you have a particular flavour in mind? You can have the taste that you want without the combustion? If you are a smoker who loves the taste of tobacco, this must be the most interesting part of e-cigarettes, becuase for you and there is no limit at all.

e-liquids with nicotine

The menthol flavours

Most of the e-cigarette brands have menthol flavoured e-liquid, they just differ with the name of the flavour. Some call it minty, while some call their menthol flavoured e-liquid menthol burst. If you have smoked cigarettes before, then you will surely be excited when you find the right flavour for you. It will be possible to copy more menthol into a bottle than you can get from a cigarette and it may also be combined with pure mint flavour, which others find truly delicious. If you wish to have a combination of menthol and tobacco, that is also possible, however, there are some companies who entertain such ideas, but not all of them.

The dessert flavour

This is where you will start to get the flavours for e-cigarettes that will compete with the traditional tobacco taste. The dessert flavours come in variety; you can just let your imaginations run, because you can easily look for a vapour of every dessert you know. There are companies that offer, cocoa flavour, ice cream, tiramisu, cheesecake and others. These are by the far best flavours for those with a sweet tooth and those who are very much concerned about their health because they are totally calorie free.