Getting the E-Cigarette Difference

By the time most people start a career they realize some things in life are worth putting an extra effort in to keep. For many despite the current social distaste some in the public feel toward cigarettes, there are individuals who don’t want to give up their love of tobacco. Most of these individuals have their reasons from needing a quick boost of nicotine every once in a while to their enjoyment of the flavor of tobacco, but they aren’t ready to give it up. With the innovations coming from the current e-cigarettes in Australia they don’t have to give it up.


Having a Smoke When You Want

After turning 18-years-old it would seem a person would have the right to do as they saw fit, but throughout the country smoking bans have singled out the smoker. Enjoying a cigarette in public is becoming harder. This isn’t as true with the electronic version, which emits no smoke. The vapor coming from these devices offers the person using a fluffy cloud of flavor, but even those seated nearby smell nothing. For this reason alone many have opted for the e-cig in Australia.


Not a “Make Do Option”

The surprise that many have found in turning to the option of using electronic alternatives is that vapor is a far more pleasant way to savor flavor, and receive the perk of nicotine. While some have to take a few attempts early on to learn to use these devices, the quality is typically much better than found even with expensive brands of standard cigarettes.


The Difference in Purchasing an “e” Alternative

When looking to buy premium e-liquid the smoker immediately finds the first difference. The better liquid blends are still much less expensive an option than most standard cigarettes. The difference is of course not attributable to tobacco being better. Manufactured cigarettes are actually cheaply produced. The high price comes from taxes and charges placed on them in both the U.S. and Australia. Most of the price spent on standard cigarettes goes to this, a factor that not as true for e-liquids. When a “smoker” choices to buy an e-liquid in Australia he or she will pay less for the same amount of nicotine, or in some cases more.


Fewer Complaints

The fact of the matter is that cigarettes do a leave a mess. That they generate litter that must be cleaned up is another reason they are often banned in public places. Those using the e-cig in public can slip the device quietly out of a pocket, and when done using just a simply slip it back inside. Most electronic cigarettes on the market are no longer or thicker than a pencil and can fit readily into a pocket, purse or briefcase. Leaving no litter behind, and emitting no smoke there is little reason for these devices to draw the negative attention associated with cigarettes. Having a “smoke” or rather a fluffy cloud of vapor whenever the mood hits is much easier with the electronic cigarette.