Choosing the best e-liquid flavour

Finding the best e-liquid flavour can be difficult as there are hundreds of flavours available in the market. It is important that you find a flavour that satisfies your cravings so that you are able to have a good experience. The liquid is flavoured to suit different taste preferences and moods of users.

Most users enjoy best e-liquid flavours at different nicotine strength levels to suit their individual smoking habits. The nicotine strength may vary from 0 – 36 mg/ml or more. If you are a light smoker you can choose low strength liquid and heavy smokers can opt for high strength liquids.

E-liquid flavours

The flavours can range from cigar, tobacco, sugary, menthol, chocolate, coffee, coconut, vanilla and strawberry to name just a few. When it comes to the different varieties of flavours and nicotine strength the sky is the limit as new combinations of liquids are made each day to meet the ever growing demand for new tastes.

It is best to try a flavour before you make the decision of buying it. This can help you determine whether the liquid is able to satisfy your taste buds. Try at least 4 – 5 different varieties so that you are able to choose the best. After you have identified what you like you may be able to narrow it down further so that they meet your specific individual preference.

Look for offers such as sample or variety packs so that you may be able to try different tastes. You can also choose to experiment by mixing two different flavours to get a completely new taste. The three distinct flavour concentrations you can choose from include low, medium and high. Choose the concentration that matches your smoking habits so that you are able to get a satisfactory experience.

The light concentration provides you a smooth and mild flavour whereas the medium concentration provides a regular flavour. The high concentration is best suited for heavy smokers who are looking to switch to electronic cigarettes so that they can get rid of nicotine addiction.

Nicotine strength

E-liquids are available in varying nicotine concentrations to suit specific tastes and needs. This is a unique feature of e-cigs, as users may be able to lower the nicotine strength gradually unlike the conventional tobacco cigarettes. Most users choose e-cigs just to satisfy their craving for cigarettes and a good choice of liquid can help them achieve it easily.

The different nicotine strength levels include 0 mg (nicotine free), 4 – 8 mg/ml (low strength), 10 – 14 mg/ml (medium strength), 16 – 18 mg/ml (high strength) and 24 – 54 mg/ml (extra high strength). Different manufactures have different levels available and you can make the choice as per your individual smoking habits.

Choose manufactures that have thoroughly checked all the flavours and have followed the highest standards in manufacturing so that you are able to get a good experience. Avoid cheap e-liquids as they may not be able to provide you the unique taste you crave for and may also contain chemicals that are considered harmful.