Guide to choosing e-liquid strength

How to choose e-liquid nicotine strength for your electronic cigarettes? Just like choosing the perfect e-cig to enhance your smoking experience you need to make the choice of liquid strength correctly so that you are able to enjoy vaping. The strength level in the liquid has a lot to do with the kind of experience that a user may choose to have.

Choosing a liquid that matches your current nicotine level is important if you want to make a successful switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs. You may be surprised to know that most people are not aware of the different strength levels and end up making a wrong choice. This can spoil their entire experience. If it is too low it may not satisfy and if it is too high it may be intense.

E-liquids with nicotineDifferent levels of e-liquid strength

0mg/ml – This level means that there is no nicotine in the liquid. These strength levels are usually ordered by users who have quit smoking but still have an oral fixation and use an e-cig to satisfy it.

6mg/ml – It is the lightest level available in the market. This level is commonly known as stepping and it has the smallest possible liquid strength.

12mg/ml – This level is at the lower end of the spectrum and is a preferred choice of users who prefer nicotine but do not like heavy vaping. It is a popular choice of people who smoke light cigarettes.

18 mg/ml – This is the medium level and is used by people who are former smokers. It provides the perfect amount of vapor in each smoke.

24mg/ml – This is a high level and is a preferred choice of people who are heavy smokers (smoking more than a pack each day)

36mg/ml – It has the highest concentration of nicotine and is the choice of people who are addicted to tobacco cigarettes.

Tips to choose different strength levels for electronic cigarettes

  • Although it is helpful to know the strength level in the e-liquid, you also need to look at your individual smoking habit and use it as a guide to make the choice. If you have been a light smoker you can choose a lower level and if you are heavy smoker you can choose a higher level.
  • The body gets used to a certain amount of nicotine and when you choose a lighter replacement than the original tobacco cigarette it may result in compensation smoking. This means that you end up smoking more than the normal as your body craves for the experience.
  • If you choose a high level strength if you had been a light smoker then the body may get overloaded with nicotine and the throat hit could be too much for you to enjoy the experience. You need to remember that choosing more is not always better as it can lead to headache, dizziness and nausea.

Start at the strength level that matches your current consumption of cigarettes so that if feels right for you and you are able to enjoy the experience.