Choosing the Best E-liquid

The e-liquid that you choose will dictate the grandness of your e-cig experience. One of the most exciting aspects of using an e-cig is that you can select an eclectic variety of different flavored e-liquids. The flavors that you can select among traditional cigarettes does not even begin to compare. But, how do you determine which e-liquid is most suitable for you? Different brands of e-liquid have different flavors, strengths and qualities.


Components of E-liquids

If you are going to buy an e-liquid in Australia, then you should familiarize yourself with the following information. If you are curious about the formal definition of an e-liquid, it is simply the liquid that is placed into the e-cig cartridge. Once the atomizer is in use, it processes the liquids into a vapor-like substance that you inhale. This liquid-turned-vapor is comprised of propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerine. Additional additives include nicotine and flavoring. Propylene glycol allows you mimic the smoking experience more effectively because of the sensation or “hit” that it produces when it comes into contact with your throat. Generally speaking, many e-liquids contain about 70% propylene glycol and 30% vegetable glycerine.



The remarkable thing about using e-liquids is that you can customize them to your liking, and gradually craft the perfect vaping experience. To continue on in your e-liquid customization process, however, you must choose the nicotine potency that suits your needs. While the lowest possible strength is 0 mg/ml, you can select a strength of up to 36 mg/ml, which is exceedingly potent. The nicotine content that you select will hinge strongly on how heavily you smoked in the past, as well as your current nicotine cravings.

Some people who stop smoking altogether wish to purchase nicotine free e-liquid. However, always ensure that you do not overestimate the amount of nicotine you will need, as many first time e-cig consumers do this. This will put you ask risk for a negative reaction. Furthermore, you can intensify your cravings for nicotine if you choose too high a concentration. Experiment with low dosages first because you go for a high strength.



Another important step to purchasing e-cigarettes in Australia is selecting the best possible flavor, and this is contingent on your taste. Some people prefer sweet tastes, while others prefer more aged and bitter tastes. For example, people who have transitioned from traditional smoking to vaping may select a flavor that most closely simulates that of a traditional cigarette. Some e-liquid flavors mimic alcoholic beverages and flavors, while others actually taste like dessert, candy, or beverages such as coffee. Almost every mind blowing flavor that you can think of is probably out there on the market.


Proper Storage

Once you have purchased your e-liquid, it is highly recommended that you store it in a place that is fairly cool and free of moisture. Direct sunlight can actually harm your e-liquid. Some individuals recommended that one shake the liquid to mix it evenly; this should be done regularly to ensure the best possible flavor. Remember to store this in a discrete location, as children and pets can overdose on nicotine.