Benefits of unflavoured e-liquids

For a lot of people the best part of vaping is trying out different e-juice flavours. It’s like the most fun part after all! Sampling new flavours is one of the biggest drawcards for vaping, so it might surprise you to know that you can actually buy unflavoured e-juice. You might be wondering why anybody would really want that, but there are actually a few good reasons why some people might want to purchase unflavoured e-liquids.

Benefits of unflavoured e-liquids

We look at the difference between flavoured and unflavoured liquids below and suggest a few reasons why unflavoured e-juice might be the order of the day!

What is unflavoured e-liquid?

Flavoured and unflavoured e-juice is slightly different, the main difference being that flavoured e-juices usually contain some combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (optional) and flavouring. Unflavoured versions only use vegetable glycerin, distilled water and sometimes nicotine.

Propylene glycol has no smell or colour, and usually carries a hint of sweetness whilst vegetable glycerin is a bit sweeter and thicker.

There are some great benefits to using e-liquids and good reasons for using it.

Your coils will last longer

If you’ve used flavoured e-liquids then you’ll have probably grown tired of constantly cleaning the gunk out of your coils. It’s the flavour additives that make the fluid sticky, without it you’ll find yourself spending much less time on cleaning and maintenance.

It’s a good palate cleanser

If you’ve found yourself with a nasty case of vapers tongue then the culprit is usually that you’ve been overdoing the flavour. Vapers tongue is a unpleasant loss of taste. It’s not dangerous, and usually resolves itself if you give your taste buds a break and a chance to recover. If you want to continue vaping but give your olfactory senses a chance to come back, then a great way to do that is by using unflavoured e-juice to cleanse your palate. A few days of no taste will give your taste buds time to reset and should fix your vapers tongue.

Make your own flavours

If you plan to create your own flavours then you’ll need some unflavoured e-juice to act as a base for your flavour additives. You can create your own flavours by using water soluable concentrates, you can make these from scratch or purchase them and mix them to your liking.

Some ex-smoker prefer it

For some smokers transitioning to vaping, unflavoured e-juice is the closest thing to smoking cigarettes. All of the exotic flavours can be a bit overwhelming at first, so vaping without flavour is an easier starting point for some.

It’s cheaper

One reason that some people choose to forgo the flavoured e-liquids in favour of the flavoured version is that they can be more affordable. Flavouring takes time and money to develop and that’s usually passed on to the consumer, it can be much cheaper to just buy a simple base version.

It doesn’t impact on food and drink

The problem with using your e-cig when drinking and eating is that flavouring can sometimes interact poorly with what your eating or drinking, kind of like when you use toothpaste and then drink orange juice. Unflavoured versions won’t impact on your experience of other food and drink.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might choose to skip fruit tastes, dessert inspirations or savoury flavours in favour of plain old nothing. All the different option can be fun for e-cig users, but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. Basic bases can be great and when used correctly can increase your enjoyment of vaping.