What Causes A Bad Taste When Using A Clearomizer?

At some point in one’s vaping life, they experience a bad or burnt taste when they take a draw on their clearomizer. With experience, it becomes obvious what the cause of that undesirable taste is so people learn to avoid falling victim to such an experience.

However, there are those that are still new to electronic cigarettes and may not know what could be the reason for what they are going through. The following factors may open their eyes to this problem.

clearomizerPoor Coil Priming.

Every time a new coil is inserted in the clearomizer, it is important to properly prime it before it is put to use. Priming entails taking a few tentative draws when the switch of the device is off so that ample e-liquid gets sucked into the wick material.

Once it is fully soaked and all air pockets have been expelled from the hole in the wick, then you can now safely vape as your device will have been primed.

The burnt taste resulting from not priming is as a result of the coil heating when there is insufficient e-juice hence burning the wick material. Prime and the problem will be gone before it happens.

The Voltage Is Too High.

When you have a very high voltage setting, the coil will vaporize e-liquid faster than the juice can be sucked into the wick material and that will result in a bad taste. To do away with this problem, lower the voltage setting so that the rate at which vaporization is taking place matches the rate at which the wick is sucking in e-liquid.

E-Juice Is Too Thick.

There is a hole in the wick material through which e-liquid is sucked. That hole is not very big so when the e-juice you are using is very thick it will not easily get absorbed into the wicking material, resulting in a burnt taste.

If you suspect that this is the case, change the PG/VG ratio so that the VG content is less than 50%. The viscosity of the e-juice will be reduced and it will easily be sucked into the wick material.

Are You Chain Vaping?

Using your device non-stop can result in a burnt taste. This is because it is not given chance to get fully soaked in e-liquid hence heat gets directly to the wick material. To avoid this eventuality, give the device some time to get fully soaked before you begin another session of vaping. The time-out can be even as short as a minute or two and that will be enough recovery time for your device. Surely you can afford a few moments before indulging again?

Many times, people are quick to blame the device they are using when they experience a bad taste but the truth of the matter is that user factors or errors are the first culprits when this problem occurs. Be a more careful e-cig user and most of these problems will only be stories you hear from other people, not you.