Since the introduction to e-cigarettes there have been many myths that have conspired. Addiction is one of them and to really get your answer you first must study to show yourself approved, research companies and your facts. First know what is in e-cigarettes and e-liquids, find out what the vapour consist of then dig in. We know that e-cigarettes do contain some traces of nicotine, but a small amount ranging from 6mg-24mg. This amount doesn’t cause any harm to the body, there are no traces of tar, chemicals and poisons to affect your health. The odds of getting cancer are null and void, not a chance. Always check the brand you use and the company, the reputable ones always disclose the ingredients in their products.

What draws people in to purchase e-cigarettes can be a myriad of reasons, starting with the fact that this is new, something out of the box, ahead of our time cool. People want to go down in history as saying, “yes I was the first to try the e-cigarette!” Now the great flavours that come along with it are like an adult toy and everyone wants to play. Even those who have never smoked before have thought to try it at least once. Almost like marketing peer pressure, subliminally bait you to try them. Whether you have or want to, this is a remarkable invention to say the least, appearing to be harmless based on fact and research, still fresh and new to the FDA and health authorities. By understanding the ingredients and finalizing the facts you can gauge the risks on your own cognitive.

The only thing that would be addicting to a person would be the pleasure of it all and the relief from future health increase. If the desire to increase you’re “smoking” that would be based on how you like the flavours, the convenience or a smokeless device, being able to use it anywhere and not to mention it cheaper than the real deal. As for the myth of addiction, it is not true, nothing suggests that e-cigarettes or e-liquids are addicting based on studies and social comments. Imagine a smokeless world where the vapours replace smoke and the odours of poison gases that use to fill the air. Where you can walk into a bar and not be bombarded with a cloud of formaldehyde streaming into your eyes. That would be just dandy.